Tuesday, June 20, 2017

New Release Coming

An icy she-vamp and a red-hot human detective make for an explosive combination.

The fourth book and climatic ending of the Blautsauger's of Amber Heights Series is coming out soon. To lead up to the actual release date (still to be determined) I thought I'd start by sharing a few teasers. 

Dr. Michaela Blautsauger, a Nosferatu vampire, is considered an expert in her field of work. However, her skills when it comes to dealing with others and showing emotion is almost non-existent. When Detective Seth Whitehead barges into her lab, she discovers the human is just as interesting as the blood formula she is working on.
Seth's tenacity to find who is committing crimes in Amber Heights pits him against vampire aristocracy as well as Toltec vamps who are nasty to say the least. When the she-vamp he is falling heart over fangs for leaves the country to find the blood plant she needs, he follows and discovers his cold hearted vamp truly has a heart.

When they both fall into Toltec hands, Seth knows he will do anything he has to do to keep Michaela from suffering harm. But will he be able to keep his own life in the process?

Bonus for reading my books. Win some swag.
Correctly answer the question below, and it will put your name into a drawing. The prize is a set of 4 coffee mugs featuring the cover art from all the books in the Blautsauger's of Amber Height Series.

Why did Andris Blautsauger name his four children
Gabe, Michaela, Metta, and Rafe?
A) they were named after Priests at the seminary he attended
B) they were named for the angels of prayer
C) he hoped giving his children religious names would save his soul.
D) to spite their mother for turning him into a vampire without his consent.

Answer this next question for a set of coasters featuring my book covers:

What does it mean to be stunted?

A) have a practical joke played on you
B) the runt of a litter
C) left partially turned from human to vampire
D) vampire born without normal vampire traits such as speed, strength, acute vision and hearing

The last question is for a tote bag featuring the cover art from the soon to be released Cold Hearted Vampire. 

What kind of vampire is Vincent Sabriento?
A) Toltec vampire
B) Nosferatu vampire
C) Sol Vampire
D) Ch'ich pak' vampire

Email your answers to rmrk1234@yahoo.com  with 'contest' in the subject line. I'll draw 3 names on 6/25. That gives everyone 5 days to join the fun.
Best of luck
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Leah St. James said...

Love the blurb, RE! And I love the heroine's name - Michaela Blautsauger! Where (or how) did you come up with that? Is the last name some derivation of blood-sucking?? (That's what went through my mind.) And Michaela, of course, makes me think of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, one of my favorite shows from whatever decade that was. :-)

I love naming characters and try to give them meaning...at least in my head! LOL. It helps me with their characterization.

remullins said...

Thanks so much. This is the end of the series featuring the 4 children of the Blautsauger family. I dreaded writing Michaela's story as I hadn't found her all that likable. Then I got started on the story and discovered she was more socially inept than mean.
You're right about the name. Blautsauger is an old Bavarian word for bloodsucker.

Jannine Gallant said...

That final cover is striking, Robin! It must feel great to wrap up the series.

Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

Congrats on wrapping up your series. What do you have planned for next. Something equally as exciting?

remullins said...

Thanks for the kind comments. Next on the list is Diaper Duty Vampire. A quick novella dealing with a couple of secondary characters from the series. Then onto Waking Up Dead about a solitary vampire who, through no fault of his own, finds himself mentoring two unwilling neophytes.

Margo Hoornstra said...

That is a striking cover. Love the red! Congratulations on finishing the series. Now on to the next big thing, right?

Rolynn Anderson said...

RE, good luck with your last-in-the-series book! And to come, a nurturing vampire? Such an imagination!

Brenda Whiteside said...

Love the cover and sounds so exciting. Good luck!

Diane Burton said...

What a cover! How exciting. Keep giving us teasers. :)