Thursday, January 14, 2016

Post-Holiday FUN

The holidays are over now and the long winter stretches ahead of us. I like to read all year, but winter is especially good for catching up with my favorite authors as the temperatures plummet outdoors. Here are some author suggestions should you want to cozy up by the fire and have a reading marathon yourself.

    1. Paige Tyler – Her SWAT books which include a team of alpha werewolves will definitely heat up your cold winter nights. Something about a character’s eyes flaring gold when he’s aroused is just sexy. I like men who growl too.
    2. Jill Shalvis – Her new Cedar Ridge series is adorable. Actually, all her books are adorable. You can’t lose with a Jill Shalvis book.
    3. Kristan Higgins – Like Shalvis, all her books are adorable. The most recent one I read, If You Only Knew, however, was a bit different than her other books. It told the tale of two sisters in a very powerful way. I couldn’t put it down. And the neighbor, Leo? Yes, please.
    4. Marissa Meyer – I just started her Lunar Chronicles series with the first book, Cinder. Combining fairy tales with androids is pure genius. I’m eager to read the other books.
    5. Heather Rigney – Book Two in her Merrow Trilogy is out, Hunting the Merrow. You need to swim through this series for sure.
    6. Joseph MazzengaDragon’s Child is the first book in his Bloodline series. Buy it for the kickass cover then enjoy the story.
    7. Amanda Torrey – Just finished the seventh book in her Healing Springs series, Wherever You Go, and it’s another winner. I can’t get enough of this series.
    8. Penny WatsonA Taste of Heaven is delicious as are all Penny’s other books.
    9. Tamara Hoffa – Her Animal in Me series is great story-wise. I mean, bear shifters are just cool, however, if you’re someone who gets hives over poor editing/formatting, you should have Benadryl handy. I was interested enough in the bear shifter characters to read all three books, but I did want to break out my red pen several times.
    10. Liv Brywood – Continuing on the bear shifter theme, I read The Cowbear’s Secret Christmas Baby and really enjoyed it. I will definitely read more of this author now that I’ve discovered her. Oh, and a “cowbear” is a cowboy bear shifter which is like piling hot, alpha guy on top of hot, alpha guy. Alpha squared, if you will.

What are you reading? Share your author choices with me. I love to discover new ones!



Margo Hoornstra said...

Good recommendations, Chris. I need to harken back to Kathleen Woodiwiss. Always. Although I recently, accidentally, discovered James Patterson. Even there I could have at times wielded a red pen. Lucky us authors are avid readers. Life is good!

Brenda Whiteside said...

Thanks for the list. I'm a suspense fiend. Just finished one of Sandford's Flower series, Deadline. Now I'm on to a non-fiction called We Are Not Alone by Kristen Lamb. This is a writer's guide to social media. I much prefer fiction but I really need this info.

Jannine Gallant said...

I haven't had time to read in...forever. One more book to write in my series, and then maybe time spent sitting won't be with my fingers on the keyboard. Your list looks like it has some definite winners!

Rolynn Anderson said...

Thanks for the list, Brenda. I'm reading the Linda Howard's I've missed before. I just tromped through the Costa Rican jungle with her well-wrought hero and heroine. Love Linda's stuff. I read about a book a week...keeps me fresh and allows the escape I crave, too.

Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

I don't get to read more than a couple chapters a night. I have many TWRP books on my Kindle I'm trying to wade through. I also like Lexi Blake and old Linda Howard books. Tracy Wolfe is a favorite, too.

Alicia Dean said...

Thanks for the list. I'm always looking for new authors. Well, they're not all 'new' but they will be new to me. I have tried some books recently that sounded intriguing and have been disappointed. As we all know, being an author (and in my case, an editor as well), can really screw with our enjoyment of reading. :) So little time to read, we don't want to waste it on books we're not thoroughly enjoying, right?