Thursday, June 21, 2012

My big mistake by Barbara Edwards

My big mistake is waiting till the last minute to write my post. My brain is drained. My muse is overused.  I wanted to do another camping post but it’s in the high nineties and the last thing I want to do is think about being outside.

Then I thought about weddings, June and all the frilly, fussy details to a June bride’s big event. Oh no. I have friends under crisis as the date for their child’s wedding grows close.

So I could jump to wild-life. Turkey month sounds good, but all I can think about is dark meat on Thanksgiving and the Turkey farm near-by that spray-paints the white birds with pastel colors. They spend the last weeks of the season looking like a rainbow. I didn’t take a photo but maybe next year.

Of course, I love aquariums. Are we talking about the huge ones like the Boston Aquarium or the twenty-gallon tank I had in the living-room for years. OMG, that tank went through a whole bunch of kids antics. They turned up the heater and boiled the fish. They dumped the entire box of food in the water to see if they would get fat.  The fish didn’t do well when mixed with a tiny shark. It ate so much its burst.  Guppies swelled in numbers at one time and Angel fish spread their fins. Maybe I’ll get another. I liked it. And I don’t have a cat to fish in the water now.

I’m staring at the cursor and hoping for inspiration. I did work on my manuscript this week and I’m pleased with the way the plot is tying together. Soon you’ll see the next segment in the Rhodes End series.
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Laura Breck said...

Barbara, I'm laughing as I read your post. It's the same with me - some days a fabulous idea for a blog post just pops into my head, and other days, the brain is Out To Lunch. Great job punting!

Barbara Edwards said...

Hi Laura,
I hope today is better. The temperature is already in the eighties and I'm slowly melting.

Jannine Gallant said...

I don't think anyone can think in the heat. I cheated this month, too, and attacked the themes sideways. Sometimes, that's the only thing to do!

Barbara Edwards said...

Hey, Jannine,
That's why we're considered creative. ;-)