Wednesday, August 30, 2017

End of Summer by Diane Burton

First, my heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in Texas ravaged by Harvey and it's aftermath. I can't fathom what you're going through.


OMG where did it go? Our electric bill shows we had summer. Hot, sticky, muggy Michigan weather with nary a break. This was the summer of family events. A wedding shower for my niece kicked off the season, followed by a baby shower for another niece, and after that was the wedding--outdoors, 90° with 90% humidity. Right now, we're eagerly awaiting word on the niece who's pregnant. That baby is coming any day. My sister's first grandchild. I'm almost as excited for her as I am for our son's twins coming in November. Or October. Or . . .

Although the Great American Total Solar Eclipse passed south of us, we got our special glasses and watched from our deck. I don't remember ever seeing even a partial eclipse before. Considering their cost, I'm saving those glasses for the next eclipse in seven years.

my first selfie
I can’t believe it’s been two months since the no-longer-Arizona family moved in with us. Yesterday they officially moved into their new home. Son and Hubs spent several days building stuff for the new house. Daughter and Daughter-in-law cleaned and painted. The movers brought everything from storage. Tonight, they’ll sleep in their own beds.

While I’m happy they (and we) will have their own space again, I’m a tiny bit sad. Toddler Girl and I have bonded this summer. Snuggles and kisses and storytime with her curled up on my lap. We’ve watched too many episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. I can sing the theme songs. So can she. 
With Labor Day around the corner, kids are getting ready for school. (In Michigan, most schools don’t start until the day after Labor Day.) My other grandchildren (going into 2nd & 5th grades) are excited, now that they know who their teachers are. When they weren’t at camp this summer, they hung out here a lot. Sometimes overnight, sometimes for a couple of hours. They’ve had fun playing with their little cousin. 

I love having them all here. Sure, it’s tiring. I feel my age more when they’re around. But I’m building memories for them. Good memories, I hope, that will stay with them long after I’m gone. Now that all the grandkiddies are close, I’m taking advantage of any time I can get with them.

Between Scouts, flag football, dance, karate, more dance, I think the older kids are booked almost every night—and Saturdays. It tires me out just thinking about their parents running them to all their activities. When my two were young, we wanted them to have a variety of experiences. So I understand why their parents are offering the kids different opportunities. What it also means is we don’t see them too often. Maybe a Friday overnight so the parents can have “date night.” In school, a couple of years ago, our granddaughter had to write a persuasive paragraph. So she wrote one encouraging her parents to have date night more often so they could have an overnight at Nana and Papa’s. Boy, did that ever make my day.

Toddler Girl isn’t ready for all those activities. Yet. With both parents working, we agreed to help out by taking care of her one day a week. Looks like I’ll still get those snuggles and kisses. 😊 Just not as often.

We haven’t seen the end of summer. We’ll have hot days and those that hit a high of 60°. Beach days will be few, and most of the tourists will leave—except for weekends. I always feel a bit sad when summer comes to an end. As much as I love Fall, I know what’s right behind it. Winter.

Maybe I should just enjoy each day as it comes. Captain Sundae's is still open. We'll get to enjoy a few more visits before they close for the winter.

Diane Burton combines her love of mystery, adventure, science fiction, and romance into writing romantic fiction. Besides the science fiction romance Switched and Outer Rim series, she is the author of One Red Shoe, a romantic suspense, and the Alex O’Hara PI mysteries. She blogs here on the 30th of each month, on Paranormal Romantics on the 13th, and on her own blog on Mondays.


Jannine Gallant said...

Sounds like you had a great summer. Mine was busy with the girls home and my husband laid up with a busted clavicle. One girl is back at college, the other leaves in September, and the husband is back to work. Things are quieting down here, too.

Rolynn Anderson said...

An excellent adventure this summer...with the promise of a once-a-week visit from Toddler Girl. Definitely doable. Off I go to Sequoia National Park today...for a three day sojourn. Not a vacation, though. Sequoia is the setting of my current story, and I'm meeting with the curator there tomorrow. So this is business...everyone will be oohing and aahing over the magnificent trees, while I think of the next question to ask and picture to take. Weather should be great...some nice dinners and pleasure...which is kind of how you described your summer :-)

Diane Burton said...

Jannine, you've had your hands full this summer. Glad to hear your husband is okay now. You'll be an empty-nester in a few weeks. Mixed emotions about that, I'll bet.

Rolynn, sounds like a fun trip, even if it's for business. How exciting to be able to talk to the curator and research your setting. I'll bet you'll ooh and aah with the rest of the visitors. LOL Can't wait to see what you write about this time.

Brenda Whiteside said...

Well at least you don't get bored. Fun post!

Andrea Downing said...

Have a super Labor Day weekend--glad you had such a great summer.

Alison Henderson said...

Sounds like a fun, busy summer, Diane! I'm sure you'll enjoy having your house back, but I hope Toddler Girl isn't too far away.

Margo Hoornstra said...

Wonderful memories is right. We just got back from our month long vacation-18 states in 30 days. Visiting family, meandering the back roads. Man did I ever miss the kids and grandkids. Nice to be home. Congrats on the time with grandkids. Doesn't get much better than that.

Patricia Kiyono said...

Great pictures of an extra-special summer!

Maris said...

This will be a summer you and all of your family, even your granddaughter, will remember. So glad it turned out well.

Diane Burton said...

Thanks, Brenda. Definitely not a boring summer.

Andrea, thanks. I hope you have a great weekend, too.

Thanks, Alison. They are 2 miles away. DIL thinks the kids will be able to bike to our house. Maybe in 10 years. LOL

Margo, glad you had a fun, safe trip. Never thought I'd miss the kids as much as I do when we're gone.

Thanks, Patty.

Maris, you are so right. A summer to remember.

Leah St. James said...

Great post, Diane! Every time you write about Toddler Girl or the other grandkids, I get a pang of wistfulness for my own. Maybe...someday...but I refuse to be one of those mothers/MILs who nag their kids into such an important decision. (Not that I could influence it...ha!) :-) Your sons and DILs are just as lucky to have you and your husband nearby. Enjoy every moment!

Lucy K. said...

Sounds like your summer was very busy but in a good way. Twins grandbabies! That's sure to be exciting for everyone. Enjoy this last summer holiday weekend. We'll be traveling and probably getting a taste of early autumn in the high country. Next to summer, fall is my favorite season. But I always hate to say goodbye to summer.

Alicia Dean said...

What a fun-filled summer! I'm sure the move-out was bitter sweet. I, for one, am SO glad to see summer go. UGH...bring on the fall and winter! I loved your pics, great post!