Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Juggling--an Acquired Talent by Donna Michaels

No, I can’t toss around multiple balls without dropping them. And forget chainsaws. I’d have no hands left! But, being a mother of four, two of them twins, I learned to multi-task (juggle) or die. Okay, not die, but become overwhelmed and neglectful. Not an option to me, so I learned to adjust, aka, multi-task, aka juggle. The husband and kids were fed and clothed, maybe not with the must nutritious of cuisines and wrinkle free outfits, but they weren’t hungry or naked.  I considered that a win. The kids always had something to take to school for their birthdays, and holiday parties, including me because I volunteered as a Class Mom for each child. Helping out the twins was a challenge since they were never in the same class, but it worked out. Looking back now, I realize that was great training for my writing career. Between writing, promoting, social networking, and appearances, that multi-tasking, aka juggling, conditioned me well. Especially for when there are multiple releases in one month.

Like this month.

I had two scheduled, then my publisher decided to test my juggling act by surprising me with an earlier than I expected release date to my upcoming Yellow Rose...on the same day as one of my scheduled releases.

Juggle time.

I kept my release of Her Volunteer Cowboy as scheduled, but pushed my self-pubbed suspense release back a week. Now I had a release on the 4th, 9th, and 14th of the month. Woot! Calgon take me away. Have you ever had the need to juggle? I’m guessing you’re nodding your head say, ‘He%$ yeah!” Well, believe me, I’m feeling ya. Give yourself a pat on the back for all the juggling you do and don’t even realize because it’s become the norm. Your personal life. Profession. School. You name it, you’re juggling that very elusive son-of-a-gun called…time.

And if you find any extra time, please check out my three new releases:

Tanner’s story was part of the 12-Alarm Cowboy boxed set, now releasing as a single on the 4th.

Brett’s story is the sequel to Cowboy-Sexy/Fiancé I thought would catch an October date, but released on the 9th through The Wild Rose Press.

Cage’s story is the 2nd book in my new Dangerous Curves Series, giving the woman rescued in book 1 her own HEA in this story that released two days ago on the 14th.

Thanks for taking a slice out of your precious time to read this post. I do appreciate it, and understand how crazy our lives can get. Right now, I’m driving from Vegas to Palm Springs for the InD’Scribe Author/Reader Conference. 

If you’re in town, please stop by and see me! I’m signing Friday and Saturday at the Renaissance Palm Springs! I’m also on the THAT'S MY KIND OF HERO/HEROINE panel where I’m representing both cowboys and military heroes/heroines, and later that night, I’m up for a RONE award in the Cops, Jocks, and Cowboy category for Her Forever Cowboy! Yeehaw! It’s such an honor and surprise to be nominated!! Then, on Sunday, it’s back to Vegas for a few days, before I fly home to start it all over again.

Because I love to juggle. I live to juggle. Juggling is my life! Lol Have you juggled today? I bet you have!

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Jannine Gallant said...

Do you sleep? I'm guessing not. Good luck with all this. I hope you take the award! I've never had books come out so close together. Next fall I have back-to-back releases in Sept and Oct to kick off a new series. We'll see how I do then. On the home front...even with only two kids, I can relate. Never enough hours in the day!

Brenda Whiteside said...

I feel your craziness, Donna. But how fun the craziness is with 3 releases!!! Have great month of sales.

Margo Hoornstra said...

Crazy busy, yes, but what a way to go! Best of luck with all the juggling. I'm like you, four kids including a set of twins. Some days, weeks, months were mere blurs of activity. And store bought cupcakes for school on the their birthdays was a given.

Rolynn Anderson said...

So jealous you're in PS for the InD'Tale gig. I wanted to go so TJ and the crew at InD'Tale. I know you're honored to be up for an award. Crossing my fingers for you. The quietude after all this hubbub may drive you crazy, too :-) Congrats!

Leah St. James said...

Well, that's pretty wild! I suppose raising twins, plus to others, was good training for all that! Congratulations on the multi-releases!