Sunday, April 26, 2015

Leaving trails

In my last post I talked about uniqueness -- which ties in with this post. I wasn't a trailblazer by any means, but my books are unusual -- they're set in the Midwest, they feature older heroes and heroines, and they're an equal blend romance and mystery.

Not quite fish, not quite fowl, I guess you could say. It's been a challenge to market them because mystery fans tend to dislike romance, and romance fans tend to want more focus on the love story. Plus I don't always wrap things up at the end with a wedding. More often than not, I leave it somewhat hanging -- the h/h are together, but I'm not saying for how long. More like real life, I guess.

I've dipped my toes in other genres (paranormal, time travel, etc.) but I always come back to the mysteries. They are just so much fun to write. And you know, that's why I'm doing this. It isn't a job, it's fun. I already have a job (and a challenging one at that). I write to "get away" from everything else.

So I guess I'll continue down that trail I created. Let's see what's at the other end ...

J L Wilson


Jannine Gallant said...

I agree, JL. I write what I like to read. And I write (and read) to get away from it all, as you said. I don't read to be educated or depressed or to keep up with trends. Maybe others who feel the same way will read our books!

Rolynn Anderson said...

We have to do what's fun...I agree, JL. I like building suspense more than I do romance...but that love element HAS to be there for me to be satisfied. Aren't we strange creatures? (I mean, most men I know literally run away from relationship scenarios)

Leah St. James said...

I tend to write outside specific genres, too, JL. I think readers are smart enough to read outside the box as well!