Sunday, May 14, 2017

Wrong Time Period by Christine DePetrillo

Do you ever feel as if you’re living in the wrong time period? I do. Often. I mean, I like the modern conveniences of today. I enjoy the fact that I can hop online and get the answer to absolutely any question. I was happy to wave goodbye to the days of hauling my bottom to the library to research stuff. I much prefer Googling in my pajamas. I love my microwave and flat iron and car. I like that I can get medication to stop spring allergies from commandeering my respiratory system. I love my Kindle and the limitless books it allows me to have at my fingertips.

But... sometimes I picture myself living in the past. Not my own past. Not back to the 1970s, 80s, 90s, and 2000s, but the past past. Like medieval times mostly. Knights and castles, kings and queens, outlaws hiding in Sherwood Forest… that kind of past.

I’ve been rewatching the BBC 2006 TV series Robin Hood starring Jonas Armstrong, although I can’t say I was—or am—consistently rooting for Robin. I’ve always been a little infatuated with Guy of Gisborne, played by Richard Armitage because… well… Richard Armitage.

In leather.

And the only thing better than leather on Richard Armitage is black leather on Richard Armitage.

He plays a dark, broody Guy who always seems to be seething just under the surface. He claims to be powerful, but isn’t really much more than the sheriff’s lackey. Then there’s the way he looks at Marian like he wants to consume her even though he knows she’s not on his side. There be heat in those gorgeous blue eyes. Heat that would most likely have me saying, “Sorry, Robin, but I’m busy tonight.”

Another show that reminds me of my love of medieval times is Reign on the CW. It’s about Mary, Queen of Scots, so I’m fairly certain there won’t be a happily ever after in the series finale, but I’ve still been watching faithfully since the beginning. The costuming on the characters is phenomenal, blending historical accuracy with a sprinkle of the modern. I just want to spend an afternoon trying on the dresses and jewelry… and crowns. This show also has its supply of hunky lords to ogle—a critical element of any worthy production.

I may have had a past life during medieval times. I mean, I’ve got the hair for it. Of course, it wouldn’t have always been clean…

What time period would you like to visit? What appeals to you in that period?



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Jannine Gallant said...

I always thought I wanted to be a pioneer conquering the West. Horses instead of a car. Wide open spaces with no people. Then I spent my winter from hell with the power out half the time and NO RUNNING WATER for several days. That cured my itch to be transported back in time. We see life in another era through a haze of romance. I have a sneaking suspicion the reality would be far from pleasant for those of us spoiled by modern luxuries like flushing toilets. LOL Doesn't mean we can't write about it, though!

Diane Burton said...

My sentiments, too, Jannine. I grew up with well water, so I know what happens when the electricity goes out. As I've said (probably too many times) I'd rather live in the future. From the gritty movies I've seen of the medieval times, the people are always dirty. A bath? What's that? I guess if I grew up that way and didn't know any other, I'd accept it. But I hate being dirty. Have fun, Chris, with your fantasies.

Rolynn Anderson said...

I'm with Diane. Robin Hood might be seething because he hasn't had a bath in a month and his clothes are stiff with grime. Now, if I lived in that time, I might be used to body odor and sewage smells (not to mention the disease arising from unsanitary conditions), but if the shows/movies of that period came with 'odor-surround', we'd all be running out of the theaters, gagging. I can look at those periods and understand the 'romance,' but I would not like to live in a less clean time than now. It may be cognitive dissonance, but I love the period I live in.

Leah St. James said...

I have romanticized as well about living in past eras, and what appeals to me most is the lack of machine noise. If you've ever had a chance to spend time in one of the historical areas that recreate their times, you'll know what I mean. I live right down the road from Colonial Williamsburg, and every time I go I'm lulled into a relaxed state. Instead of car and lawn mower engines, you hear the clop-clop-clop of the horse-drawn carriages. you hear children laughing as they're playing outside!! (Imagine!) :-) Instead of the hum and whine of air conditioners you hear....uh, nothing. And then I think, yikes, no air conditioning! In Virginia?! In the summer! And I'm cured. :-) I figure they didn't know any different so they had to endure, but me, I'd probably die from the heat in those long, hot dresses. And when you think about all the other sanitation and comfort issues, I'm just fine where I am!

Andrea Downing said...

OK, yes, the well water is definitely a problem but having lived in Nigeria where power and water were very intermittent and having survived, I'm still an 1800s cowgirl at heart. And, of course, there is also Poldark calling me back a little further....

Christine DePetrillo said...

See, I spend over 6 hours a day with preteens... strange body odors are nothing new to me. And I just know I'd find a way to make living in the woods smell wonderful!

Alicia Dean said...

I've always romanticized living in Civil War times. Or, just before or just after. I know, it sounds weird, but I've always been fascinated by that era. The lack of baths and conveniences and such would hamper my enthusiasm. I was not familiar with Richard Armitage but I looked him up. YUM!!! And, seething and dark and broody are attractive anyway. I'll have to check out Robin Hood. :D