Saturday, May 20, 2017

Another peek outside my writing window

In the past year and a half, I've had the pleasure of seeing many wonders outside my writing window. I often find myself saying, "oh" and have come to realize how many intonations the word has.

Since I'm a terrible photographer and often too slow to grab the camera in the first place, these pictures barely represent all the wildlife I've seen. There's a beautiful red fox that is quite camera shy, but I'm determined to get his picture one day.

I added this next photo, taken last winter, of my sons standing by the creek in order to show its normal size. Note the bank is mostly grassy.

Then on April 29th, the entire area was flooded by torrential rainfall. Water completely covered the concrete picnic table. The swollen creek also crept, way too close for comfort, up toward my house.

 The force of rushing water was so noisy it sounded like a waterfall right outside my window. The power of it took out our footbridge, which had stood for over half a century. It also swept in deposits of rock and left them here and there along the creek bank. 
The size of some of the stones washed in is unbelievable.
The road to the east and the low water bridge to the west were completely covered with raging floodwater. We were unable to leave home for several days.

So, how many variations of "ah" did you experience while looking at my pictures? 

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Diane Burton said...

How scary! Rushing water scares me. And to come so close to your house! Wow. Love the pictures of the wildlife. The only wildlife that come close to our house are ducks, geese, and a muskrat who thinks our backyard is a good place for his burrow. Then there's Steve the Deer about 4 houses away who looks so real I do a double-take each time I catch sight of him. LOL

Margo Hoornstra said...

Yep. We've been in the path of two floods. Three feet of water on our lower level each time. There is nothing more powerful in nature than the force of water. Beautiful to observe. Not fun to experience. Fabulous pictures. I never tire of watching wildlife.

Alicia Dean said...

Oh my gosh, lots of variations of 'ah' - Such lovely wildlife photos. But, yes, the flood water thing is scary. Such a shame about the foot bridge, especially since it was so old! Wonderful covers...your books sound awesome!

Rolynn Anderson said...

Oh...eww...eek...ack! Catherine Bybee's recent fire and water saga comes to mind...and she's now a bestselling author (#1 Washington Post; #20 Amazon). Since you've endured the rushing water adventure, you may be next as a big seller. Yay! Thanks for the pics and the reminder of nature's beauty...and power.

Leah St. James said...

Love the photos (many "awwwws" from me), but the threat of a flood, especially being stuck at home, must have been frightening. One time I stayed at a friend's house on the Chesapeake Bay during a storm, and the tide was actually flowing under her home (which was raised on stilts). I was "a bit" unnerved! Like Rolynn said, great reminder of the power of Mother Nature. I never take her for granted.

Andrea Downing said...

Having lived through a number of hurricanes and stood at the top of basement stairs watching water rising, I know the fear of floods--you've certainly conveyed that. And love the wildlife shots--I do the same, run for the camera and hope I'm quick enough. thanks, R.E.

RE Mullins said...

Love all the comments. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post. The land has gone through a lot. In 2007 a tornado wiped out most of the trees. If they were still there I wouldn't have such a clear view to the pond & creek.
Getting estimates on replacing the footbridge. Wow. Who knew such a rustic and extremely basic bridge would be so expensive!

Jannine Gallant said...

This was quite a winter for everyone! Ours came in the frozen form of snow that is still in our yard. I'm hoping it's gone by the 4th of July... Love the animal photos. We've had bears mosey through the yard, but I'm never quick enough to get a picture!