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No Noel this year by Barbara Edwards

The Christmas stories written on The Roses of Prose add so much joy to the holiday. I love what my friends share and am sorry I'm not joining in the fun this year. I'm working on two manuscripts and just couldn't fit  it in. I do want to remind everyone of my Christmas stories from The Wild Rose Press. I hope you all find the time to read them and they brighten your season.

Journey of the Magi 
by Barbara Edwards 
Blurb: Widow Noel Martin never breaks promises, and she promised her kids they'd have Christmas at her childhood home in Connecticut. But driving across country takes money. Noel is broke when a snowstorm blows them into a tiny Minnesota cafe owned by a man who can change her mind. She accepts his offer of a job. Despite her attraction to him, she makes it clear she is only temporary help.
Dan Longstreet isn't adopting any more strays, but he needs a waitress. Dan works so hard to make his cafe a success, he doesn't have time for love. Though Noel's slender blonde beauty stuns him and her two adorable children tug at his heart, he denies how they threaten to change his life.
When tragedy strikes, their new-found love is the first victim. Noel can't stay and Dan can't leave. Will their journey be the gift that reunites them?

Excerpt: An Arctic blast from the opening door fluttered napkins on the deserted tables in the darkened cafĂ©, extinguished the two remaining candles, and ruffled the sawdust spread on the floor to absorb the melting snow. Dan casually checked the baseball bat hooked under the counter. Only trouble arrived this late. 
His gaze latched onto the petite female and he swore he smelled spring flowers. And sunshine. He couldn’t take his gaze off her as she undid the knitted green muffler wrapped three times around her coat’s up- turned collar to reveal a thin pinched face. 
His chest ached with the urge to cradle her in his arms; she looked so cold. Even with her knit hat pulled down over her ears, her high cheekbones and the up- tilted tip of her nose flamed as bright red as a cheap statue of a Christmas elf. She blinked in the bright light. 

Praise for Journey of the Magi 
“With a deft touch of her brush, word artist Barbara Edwards paints an endearing story that showcases the true meanings of Christmas—love, sacrifice and the wide-eyed hopes of children. Her attention to detail, her ingenious stroke of the brush breathe life and love into this delightful story.” 
~Vonnie Davis, award winning romance author 
Praise for Barbara Edwards 
“Barbara Edwards writes with passion and conviction.” 
~Maggie Toussaint, mystery and romance author 
“Barbara Edwards writes engaging and fun stories.” 
~multi-published author Stephanie Burkhart 

Late for the Wedding (Twelve Brides of Christmas Book 2) 
by Barbara Edwards 

Heather Green will do anything to make her twin’s wedding perfect. Despite an impending nor’easter, she sets out with the wedding dress, cake, favors and cake topper in her car. As the snow piles up, her car is wrecked and she barely misses injury in a major accident.
Nicholas Burnes would rather be ensconced with his latest cuddle than drive a tow truck, but his brother needs his help. He reluctantly agrees to help Heather find a way to the wedding locale, but when the storm closes the roads, he ends up offering her shelter in his penthouse.
Warm and rested at last, Nick and Heather explore their powerful attraction to each other, only to part when he delivers her, on time, to her sister’s wedding. But weddings breed weddings…

Buy Link: http://a.co/3z670qQ

Dixie’s Gift
Digital ISBN 978-1-5092- 

Author: Barbara Edwards

Blurb: Ellen Carter deeply grieves for her husband Dan, but at least she still has Dixie, her beloved Malinois. However, soon Dixie leaves her too. But the faithful dog cannot rest easy in heaven while her mistress is unhappy. Dixie pleads with the Archangel Michael to let her send help, and intercedes for Ellen in the only way she can. But will Ellen get the message, and more importantly, will she accept Dixie's gift?
Sexy newcomer Michael Burke can barely take enough time from his successful restaurant for a decent night's sleep, let alone romance. Still, he is intrigued by the beautiful widow and can't resist entering her shop. Sparks fly, and when Ellen has an accident in a snowstorm, he comes to her rescue. Trapped by a blizzard and aided by Dixie's Gift, Ellen and Michael find more than shelter--they find love.

He brushed a wisp of her hair from her cheek. It clung like spider silk to his fingers.
He rubbed the strand and his heart raced. When her lips parted, he bent forward to taste their soft curve.
Sweet, so sweet, he thought as her mouth melded with his. His hands slowly slid from her slender shoulders to her waist. Soft as a feather, she sighed. Her curves fit against his hard chest like matching puzzle pieces.
The lights blinked, dimmed, and then flared back on.

Dixie's Gift tugs at your heart, and though the snow threatens, you can't help but be warmed by this sweet story. A must read! -- Kara O'Neal, Author

"Dog lovers, do not read this book . . . without a box of tissues nearby. A touching story of love and compassion." - Diane Burton, author of the Outer Rim series.

"Delightful. . .Barbara Edwards weaves a heartwarming holiday tale of rediscovering love after the death of a spouse and the loss of a beloved pet. It's a refreshing story with a theme of joy and peace and filled with engaging characters. And who can resist a romantic winter setting with lots and lots of snow?" ~ Judy Ann Davis, Author and Educator

Dixie’s Gift by Barbara Edwards is a gift of a read. Sweet, romantic, poignant, and touching, it will bring a lump to your throat and satisfaction to your heart. If you don't shed a tear, you're a robot." ~ Award winning author Alicia Dean

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What Happens When a Vampire Finds He's Stuck On Diaper Duty????

December 11, 2017 is the release date for 

 This sweet and funny novella follows The Blautsaugers of Amber Heights series but can be read as a stand-alone. In it, you will learn the story of what happened to John Alden, Rafe Blautsauger's Enforcement Partner, and Dr. Michaela Blautsauger's lab assistant, Joann Clarkson. And you'll meet two-year-old Cody Clarkson who is as cute as he is stinky.

The vampire deserves combat pay. Not for recovering the single mom, but for babysitting her toddler. Steely vampire on one side and determined toddler on the other. Who will prevail?
Can the tough vampire be brought to his knees by a toddler?
Blurb: During the Civil War, Union soldier, John Alden took a musket ball to the gut. As he gasped his final breath, he was turned into a vampire and started life anew in Amber Heights, Missouri. For over one hundred and fifty years, he's lived a rather solitary life as a vampire Enforcer. Young single mother, Joann Clarkson, needs a job and fast. Hoping to be rehired, she returns to Dr. Michaela Blautsauger's lab prepared to eat a hefty helping of humble pie. She comes to regret that decision when she's taken hostage. Things look grim, but she'll never stop fighting to escape. Her son needs his mama. As an Enforcer, John must hunt down the vampire who kidnapped Joann. In his search, John winds up babysitting her toddler, Cody. Changing diapers might be worse than getting staked, but nothing compares to how he feels when both mother and child fall into danger again.

      “I brought you here for two reasons.” John turned to place a hand on her arm.
       “To keep us safe.” Joann remembered what he’d told her in the car.
       John nodded. “That was the main reason. I do want you and Cody secured until Sabriento is taken care of once and for all.” Suddenly looking tired, he ran a hand over his head. “After thinking about what he said to you, I suspect he’ll soon be back in Amber Heights and looking for you. So that’s the main thing. My other purpose is to give you the option of being mesmerized—” he gave her a lopsided half-smile—“once you’re out of danger. And since Justin has more skill at it than me, if you choose that option, I want him to do the adjustment.”
       “What does that mean?” Totally at a loss, Joann looked from one to the other vampire.
       John hesitated before answering, “It eradicates memory and will wipe the existence of vampires from your mind. You won’t remember being snatched or fed on. Consequently, you won’t suffer panic attacks or nightmares caused by the ordeal. Bad memories are replaced with something mundane. Like you got busy at work before finishing your shift and going home.”
       “It’s painless,” Justin said mildly. Although she frankly examined their expressions, Joann was unable to read either vampire’s  opinion on the matter.
       John stretched his legs out in front of him. “Better make that you’ll remember going home late,” he amended. “The same memory will be given to your nutty neighbor.”
       To never remember or have to think about Vincent Sabriento—to stop replaying the paralyzing horror of being bitten. She’d also forget she currently worked for a vampire. Dr. Blautsauger would go back to simply being a rather cold and exacting boss.
       It sounded like heaven. Then Joann caught sight of the sad little quirk lingering in the corner of John’s mouth. It sounded like hell. “Can…can I think about it?”

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Thankful for Me by Alicia Dean

Okay, so maybe this is the wrong time of year to be self-centered, but I think that, once in a while, we need to celebrate ourselves. Mind you, this is not easy for me. I'm not a tooting my own horn kind of person. And, I have many, many things in life to be grateful for that I had nothing to do with. I'm just very blessed. But, some of my blessings ARE of my own making, so why not acknowledge it? Are you with me? I want you do to the same, post in the comments some things that you're grateful for, which YOU made happen. I'll start...

I'm grateful that...

1 - I didn't give up on my dream to be a writer. That I worked hard and cultivated my craft and stuck with it, even when it wasn't easy.
2 - I am a good friend. It has helped me to form wonderful, lasting friendships that I treasure.
3 - I am a good mother, sister, daughter, and ex-wife. :) Because of that, I have three wonderful children, a close relationship with my family, and I get along with my ex, which had been a huge benefit in raising our children. 
4 - I overcame my fear of speaking in front of a crowd, and it has allowed me to give presentations to writing groups that can learn from my experience. The workshops I've given have been well-received (or people are just very polite :)), and not only am I teaching others, I am learning from them.
5 – I am thick-skinned, which enables me to be amused by critical reviews, such as the one below for Haunting at Spook Light Inn: A World of Gothic - Oklahoma. (There ARE some compliments scattered throughout, so not all bad. :)) 

By A. Savidgeon November 14, 2017
I thought the love story/murder mystery aspect was kind of lightweight and not fully developed. However, the spooky part of the story was fascinating. I couldn’t stop reading, except to look it up on google maps and google. Very interesting. The ghost story was pretty good with the final reveal at least not run of the mill. I think with a little more experience, she’s going to be a good author.

I had to share, only because of that last line, ‘with a little more experience’ – Yikes! I hate to disappoint A. Savidgeon, but I’ve been writing since I was 10, so experience isn’t going to help a damn bit, LOL.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Best Cranberry Sauce Ever by Jannine Gallant

Thanksgiving is almost here, so of course we're all thinking about food. The smell of the turkey roasting in the oven. The gorgeousness of the pumpkin pie waiting on the counter. I love to cook, and I frequently make up my own recipes, so I thought I'd share my family's traditional holiday fare with you. One problem, though...I never measure anything. I make a killer scratch stuffing for that roasting turkey, but it's hard to write down, "Sprinkle (or dump) in a little of this and a little of that, taste, and add more." Not very helpful. There is one dish I have actually put into recipe form. Cranberry sauce. If you are currently eating this with your holiday meal...

...I'm here to save you from yourself. Even if you're dressing it up so it looks like this...

...it still tastes like that can. Trust me on this. For years, I tried different cranberry sauce recipes, looking for one that was perfect. They all failed my taste test, so I gave up and created my own. It's simple to make and extremely tasty. Give it a shot, so your family can have this...

...with your holiday meal, instead!

Cranberry Sauce

12 oz. bag of cranberries, washed
1 1/2 cups peeled, chopped apple
1 Tbsp. orange zest
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup packed brown sugar
1/2 cup apple cider

Bring all ingredients to a boil, stirring occasionally. Simmer 30 minutes or until thickened. Remove from heat and mash. Cool then chill until serving.

If you're looking for an exciting read during the holidays to while away your time while the turkey is roasting, visit my WEBSITE to find out more about my books. Happy Thanksgiving! Please eat responsibly... LOL

Friday, November 17, 2017

People Are Like Leaves by Betsy Ashton

People and leaves share much in common. Some hang around your entire life, some only for a season, others for a few days before they blow away on the wind.

I love the evergreens, the pines, the cedars, the firs. While not officially leaves but needles, the greenery stays year after year, decade after decade. The evergreens are with you through good times and bad. They wipe your nose, hold your head, and kiss you no matter what. They are the ones you can call in the middle of the night because ghouls and goblins are warring in your brain. They may be family members. More likely, they are people you've met in your travels and stuck to you like burrs.

Others are seasonal, erupting in new green leaves in the spring, glowing with health in the summer, changing colors and falling in autumn. Some of these are your absolute best friend when you need one and may stay with you until your need passes. Some drift in and out through the seasons, never staying long but always being on the end of a branch if you need them.

Some rare leaves come in only for a few days. They make a huge impact while they are around, but they don't last. You need them, but you don't count on them to appear. You most certainly don't expect them to stay.

We are entering the holiday season, as if we didn't know it. We have enough Christmas ads on TV to kill any interest in shopping. But if we step back and really look at the holiday season, we can see how we fit into our leaf metaphor.

I pick brightly colored leaves in October, add maple seed pods, and gather acorns to fill vases for Thanksgiving decorating. I use evergreens at Christmas, a fir or two every year, decorated to within an inch of their needles. I hang a bay leaf wreath in the dining room, because it smells so terrific, even though it is made of those rare leaves that don't last.

I need all of these leaves. I hope I'm an evergreen person, but I know I've been seasonal and even passing at times. I have been rethinking how I want to use all leaves in my life.

What kind of leaves surround you? And what kind of leaves are you? How many are evergreen, seasonal, or fleeting?

Happy Thanksgiving to all Roses and your families. I'll catch you one more time before the end of the year for a little Ho! Ho! Ho!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

I Finally Found a Use for Twitter by Alison Henderson

I've never been a fan of Twitter. I joined when I became a published author because I had to and only used it to promote other authors' books as part of a promo group. I've just never gotten it. The brief format didn't appeal to me--I could never understand how people claimed to have developed useful relationships with strangers in 140 characters--and doubling it doesn't make much difference. Too many posts in my feed are brief, cryptic messages with some unidentifiable link attached. I'm not about to open something like that from someone I don't know! And then there's the fact that some of the worst behavior in modern times seems to occur on or because of Twitter. It hasn't been a place I've really wanted to be.

However, I think I've finally found a use for it.

I'm normally a Facebook person. I like the format, the longer posts, and the ability to  converse with friends. And because I try to keep my presence upbeat and positive, I avoid  posting anything political on my page. I have strong feelings, but arguments--especially with strangers--give me hives, and these days I'm working hard to keep myself as calm as possible. At any rate, a few weeks ago, I felt an urgent need to say something political. I didn't need or want to have a conversation with anyone--I just needed to put my thoughts out in the universe. The words appeared in my brain and screamed to be set free. All writers will understand. If I didn't write them down and send them somewhere, they would continue to pester me.

The question was, where?

As I've said, I didn't want to put them on Facebook, although many would have. I considered my blog. I rarely post there and could safely assume no one would read anything I wrote there if I didn't draw attention to it. Then I remembered Twitter. It would be perfect. I may have 1,500 followers, but they don't actually follow me because there's nothing to follow. Most have no idea who I am and would skim past anything I posted. If they did happen to read the tweet and liked or retweeted it, great! I would never know. If they hated my statement and made ugly comments, the same would apply. I could get the idea out of my head and move on. What did I have to lose?

My tweet turned out to have fewer than 140 characters so off it went. Guess what happened. As predicted, almost nothing. One like and two retweets. Except now the thought is no longer munching around in my brain. Now I know what to do with those unimportant little bits of brilliance that pop into my head from time to time. I can post them on Twitter and send them off into the ether like a note inside a balloon. If they reach someone, fine, but that's not important. I'm free of them, and that's what matters.


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Ten Things I'm Thankful For by Christine DePetrillo

In no particular order...
  1. A reclining couch. I just think better leaning back at a 120-degree angle. I do all my writing on my reclining couch and the words come a lot faster than when at a 90-degree angle. And 180 degrees would just make me sleepy.
  2. Saturdays. My favorite day of the week. Anything is possible on a Saturday. It’s got its own brand of magic.
  3. The woods. The happiest of places for me. I love the music nature makes. Trees offer a serenity I can’t find anywhere else.
  4. The Werewolf. He reminds me to play… and growl at neighbors.
  5. The Husband. I wouldn’t know how to vinyl side a house if he and I never met. There’s actually many things I wouldn’t know without him.
  6. Family and friends. It’s always good knowing there are people in my corner, cheering me on or ready to laugh with me.
  7. My readers. I love those loyal fans who are the first to buy my books and are willing to tell (or in some cases bully) people to read my stories. I write for you, peeps.
  8. Book Boyfriends. Where else can you collect men and have it be acceptable to society? Only in the pages of those happily-ever-afters. I can’t get enough of them.
  9. Opportunities. They are all around us if we keep our eyes and hearts open. I’ve been doing that more lately and am amazed at how doors open when you pay attention. 
  10. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Because I had to have one sweet treat on this list. Peanut butter cups are my go-to candy. Just don’t leave me alone with a bag of them. I don’t really understand the concept of “serving size” when left unattended with these.

What are you thankful for this year?