Guest Blogging Calendar

We'd love to host you on Roses of Prose! There are no restrictions on a book's heat ratings, but please keep your post, blurb, and excerpt to a PG rating. Please choose an open 2017 date and send an email to Brenda (AT) BrendaWhiteside (DOT) com to reserve your spot.

We would like:
1) a post about any topic, your book blurb, a PG excerpt, and your buy links attached to the email in ONE Word document. Please also note if you'd like to host a contest. (this always brings in more readers)
2) your book cover art attached to the email as a JPG or PNG
3) a headshot of you, if you'd like, attached to the email as a JPG or PNG

Please do not send media kits. Send your info as stated above.

Due to the delicate issue of copyright infringement, we are sorry we cannot post any additional photos with your blog.

Please have all this to Brenda (Brenda (AT) BrendaWhiteside (DOT) com) by at least three days before your guest posting date. (She will send you a reminder, too.)

Please make note of your date to visit The Roses of Prose in your calendar. I might forget to remind you. While the craziness of life happens to us all, please inform us if you can't post on your day. We hate to disappoint our readers.

Thank you! We're pleased that you will be our guest!


~January 25 Mary Eastham

~January 28 Terry Shames

~January 31 Dee Dee Lane

~February 25 Kayden Claremont

~February 28 M S Spencer

~March 25 Sorchia Dubois

~March 28 Karen McCullough

~March 31

~April 25 Amber Leigh

~April 28 Sharon Ervin

~May 25 All in for Love

~May 28 All in for Love

~May 31 All in for Love

~June 25 Katie O'Sullivan

~June 28 Jean Joachim

~July 25 Collen L Donnelly

~July 28 Amber Leigh

~July 31 Karen McCullough

~August 25 Judy Meadows

~August 28 Krista Ames

~August 31 Sylvie Grayson

~September 25 Linda O'Connor

~September 28 Charlotte O'Shay

~October 25 Lynn Crain

~October 28 Amber Leigh

~October 31 Sorchia Dubois

~November 25 Holland Rae

~November 28 Jacqueline Diamond