Tuesday, April 11, 2017

One More Time For The Very Last Time, I Promise by Margo Hoornstra

Okay, last time for this then, I promise, it’s on to something else.

As I have shared here before, and this is really is the last time for now, I swear, I’ve been asked to be part of an upcoming box set of stories. Romance, of course, with a heat level of 3 out of 5, that centers around LaBonne Chance Casino in Victory, New York located a stone’s throw from Niagara Falls.

The title of the boxed set is: All In For Love, a Lucky 7 Anthology.

For Money Or Love is the title of my contribution.

Release Date:  June 1, 2017

Pre-Order Date:  May 15, 2017

Before you continued reading, though, take a peek at my cover...

Here’s a teaser about For Money Or Love to get/keep you interested…

She’s one woman he can’t afford to lose

Mega-millionaire Daniel Winston Montgomery lives to work at his prosperous software company. Scrimping to survive as a child, money means everything to Dan. He’ll do whatever it takes to preserve his wealth and the security it provides his mother and younger siblings. His brilliant top assistant, Lindsey Carr, is essential to his firm’s continued success. He has no problem sharing the fruits of their combined labors with her. Though, truth be told, he needs Lindsey far more than he she needs him…
Computer brainiac Lindsey Carr wants more out of life than her prestigious, well-paying job. She’s tired of being no more than boring tech support in a well-run software enterprise and craves a little excitement. Convinced Dan and his company will survive—and thrive—just fine without her, she tenders her resignation. After all, Dan has never required more from her than her superior analytical skills. Well, except for that one time she won’t let herself think about…
Unwilling to let Lindsey go, Dan must fight to keep her in his life. In a clash of priorities, will he choose money…or love?

Now a glimpse at Lindsey from Dan’s perspective…

“This man has a question for you.” Sally’s voice entered his office again, though not as loud as it was before.

Turning a slight right toward the door, Dan angled his head just enough so he could watch their exchange.

Lindsey wore slacks and a simple, sort of fitted sweater. He indulged himself and let his gaze slide down then up the well-shaped curves. Those he’d once been allowed to explore.


He opened his mouth and worked his lower jaw from side to side. Sally lifted one hand to indicate the delivery guy in a brown baseball cap who suppressed a yawn as he leaned against a two-wheeled dolly loaded with a stack of cardboard boxes. The monitors Lindsey had ordered. Large screen, high density, non-reflective. So no one will miss anything. That had been her sales pitch when she lobbied to buy them. Judging by the way her face lit up, she was happy to see the merchandise finally arrive. Why not? After the shipment was delayed, twice, by bad weather out west, Dan knew she was anxious to get them set up and in use.

She gave out one of her quick, warm smiles as she walked toward the man. Despite having already fielded an entire day’s worth of problems his first hour in the office, the corners of Dan’s mouth tipped up too.

That was Lindsey. Quick with the friendly attitude. He let go of another small smile and shook his head. Except with her, it was always genuine.

Eyes wide, Delivery Guy came to with a huge grin he flashed back at her as he leaped up to stand tall. “Yes, Ma’am!”

Take it down a notch, Pal. She’s happy to see the merchandise, not necessarily who brought it.

Genial expressions remained in place on both their faces as the pair launched into a short verbal exchange. Dan crossed his arms and tapped his foot. Get on with it, will you? We’ve got work to do. Lindsey pointed toward the small storage room on the near side of Sally’s desk area then said something to Delivery Guy who nodded with unnecessary exuberance. As she turned to lead the way, Delivery Guy’s gaze dipped to her ass. Where it stayed a hell of a lot longer than it had a right to.

Dan took a giant step toward the door then immediately pulled up. Now who’s got to take it down a notch?

Arriving at the storage room door, Lindsey stopped then pivoted to usher in Delivery Guy and his load. His attention did an abrupt return to where it belonged. With another quick grin that Lindsey returned, and a hand touched to the bill of his brown ball cap, he reversed direction and hauled the now empty dolly toward the door and out.

For God’s sake, Montgomery. Ease up! It wasn’t as if he had any right to an opinion one way or the other about anything when it came to the life and times, beyond the bounds of work, of Lindsey Carr. Best to remember the friends only request was hers. Sure as hell not his. All he could do was honor it like she asked.

Or take a chance on losing his best employee.

Oh, poor Daniel, he has so much to learn.

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Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

I love...I mean, I really LOVE your cover!!! And the excerpt was great. I'm glad I have it on pre-order. Good luck with this project. It sounds awesome.

Margo Hoornstra said...

Thanks, Vonnie. Finger's crossed. My cover, which is beautiful, I agree, was created by the lovely and talented Florence Price, owner of The Novel Difference.

Brenda Whiteside said...

I agree with Vonnie. Good luck!

Margo Hoornstra said...

Thanks, Brenda. This is my first time in a box set. Here's hoping.

Rolynn Anderson said...

Margo, I'm visiting Niagara Falls this summer, so I'll wave to your casino setting. I'm curious about how you all agreed on the 3 out of 5 steam rating and how/if you publicize that. What is the steam rating of a cozy? Are yours one step steamier? This kind of careful categorizing is interesting to me. Best of luck with the box set...great cover for your book!

Diane Burton said...

I'm so happy for you. The story sounds very intriguing. I love the cover...except. Does anyone else have a problem with the scruffy beard? I know it's the rage today, but I keep thinking about being kissed by that. Whisker burn. Is this supposed to be sexy? Sorry, Margo, for the mini-rant. Wishing you much success on this book and congrats for being part of the series.

Jannine Gallant said...

Florence did a terrific job on the cover. I'm looking forward to editing this!

Margo Hoornstra said...

Thanks, Rolynn. Hope someone from the casino waves back. As for the steam rating, I'm certainly NOT the leader of this Lucky 7 group, but we all figured a 5 would be pushing erotica, and none of the stories would qualify. IMHO 3 seemed to be a nice round number right there in the middle. Originally, I had no plans for a full out love scene in For Money Or Love when, what do you know, I 'discovered' one today. Go figure.

Margo Hoornstra said...

Ha! I know, I know, Diane. Quite honestly, scruffy beards don't do a thing for me either. After scanning picture, after picture, after picture, I guess I caved. I really like the 'tone' of this one. If I coulda air brushed the guy clean, I would have. And, thank you again, still, for your support.

Margo Hoornstra said...

Agree with you on the cover, Jannine. She can do good work. As far as the editing -- be gentle. Yeah right! I definitely know better.

Leah St. James said...

I'm sold! I'm sold! Just don't forget to let us know when the pre-sale goes live. (If it's already live, I can't find it!) The cover is fantastic. I love the scruff-faced look. :-)

Margo Hoornstra said...

Awww. Thanks, Leah. You just made my week. I will definitely let you know!

Alicia Dean said...

LOVE the cover...great excerpt!! I'm so excited to be a part of this anthology!