Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Fling with Freedom by Brenda Whiteside

Monument Valley in Arizona
I looked at our themes this month and Fling and Freedom stood out. Fling brings to mind a couple of things - the most romantic only found in books for me at this time in my life. But Fling and Freedom pretty much describe what my husband and I have been up to for the last couple of weeks. We're on our first RV trip which is a real Fling with
Rocky Mountain High
Freedom on the road.

We headed for our old stomping grounds - the Twin Cities in Minnesota. We lived there for nearly twenty years. Summer in Minnesota is heavenly. Well, if you can ignore the humidity which is really good for the skin. What a great time we've had visiting friends. The only downside is we didn't visit
The Colorado River
EVERYONE we know. The next trip we'll touch base with a few more friends.

Writing for a living affords me the freedom to travel as I please, provided the finances allow it. My husband is retired and freedom is his middle name. We have a fifth wheel. I managed to get a little writing done, pulling our home behind us. I've learned to write in any environment except for really bumpy roads. Just keeping my fingers on the keys became a challenge on some of our nation's highways. More
Mount Rushmore
often than not, I gave up and enjoyed the scenery.

A tour of the Twins Stadium
This maiden voyage with the RV has been quite an experience. I now have a couple of lists going that we'll tackle when we get home: Things We Need for the RV and Things to Get Fixed by the Dealer. I've also found Internet access in all RV parks is not equal. Luckily, as I write this while staying in the Theodore Roosevelt Park in North Dakota, I have a decent connection.

But all in all, this Fling with Freedom from our everyday lives is great!

P.S. If I don't respond to your comments, I'm still on the road and not having luck with the Internet connections.

Look for Brenda's newest release coming soon from The Wild Rose Press. Release date to be announced. Check her website. www.brendawhiteside.com


Margo Hoornstra said...

Sounds like this freedom fling is a dream come true. We're looking at the RV mode of travel, but haven't quite gotten there yet.

Jannine Gallant said...

Wow, what a fun trip. I'm afraid all our camping (and there isn't as much of it anymore) is in a tent. Enjoy the rest of your fling!

Barbara Edwards said...

Have fun! My husband and I have been RV traveling for several years now. I've enjoyed every minute.

Vonnie Davis ~ Romance Author said...

Enjoy your trip. Take lots of pics. I'd love to see that part of the country.

Brenda Whiteside said...

Thanks for commenting, y'all. I had a long day on the road.

Leah St. James said...

You're living my dream life, Brenda! My hubby and I watch those "pimp your RV"-type shows on the Travel Channel and daydream about traveling the country. He'll check out the nation's golf courses while I create fictional worlds. :-) Enjoy your trip!