Wednesday, March 1, 2017

What BAD LIE have you had to live with? by Rolynn Anderson

April Fools!  Nope, I’m not going to trick you today, but I do want to talk to you about life’s trip-ups…the idea we face a bad lie or two as we toddle along through our lives.  In golf, a ‘bad lie’ is a place my golf ball comes to rest that causes me to use expletives describing my bad luck.  The picture I show you here, represents a whole green that is a X*#!@ bad lie (In Coeur d'Alene).  More specifically, when I hit my ball, and it lands in a divot, against a rock, or a trunk of a tree, or in deep weeds, I can’t move the ball to improve my lie.  I have to hit from that horrible spot (or suffer a penalty stroke)!

In my new romantic suspense novel, BAD LIES, the title holds a double meaning, because the lives of my characters are endangered by a series of coincidences and deliberate nefarious actions of other people.  My golf heroine’s ball lands in some tricky spots; villains hand her some bad lies as well.

Think about a ‘bad lie’ you have been dealt in your life, one you couldn’t improve and you had to ‘live with.’  When I was a teenager and taller than anyone in my class, I thought being 5’10” was the worst bad lie possible.  But I’ve learned to enjoy being a tall woman, petite next to my 6’5” husband.  No, the bad lie I’ve had to struggle with all my life-my big feet, once a size 11; now a size 12.  Can’t do anything about ‘em.  Early on, no one made women’s shoes my size, and if they did, they were ugly.  Finding big and comfortable shoes that didn’t make my feet look like cruise ships was a fool's errand; no ‘normal’ shoe store had my size.  Nordstrom’s helped, but even today, to locate on line a pair of golf shoes my size (forget stylish)?  I’m lucky to have two choices.

There, I’ve told you about the ‘bad lie’ I’ve had to live with.  How about you?

While you’re thinking, here’s BAD LIES
Italy’s haunted caves spell danger for an American golfer and a NATO geologist
Sophie Maxwell is a late-blooming, unorthodox golfer, and mother of a precocious thirteen year-old. Determined to put divorce, bankruptcy, and a penchant for gambling in her past, Sophie goes to Italy for a qualifying golf tournament.
Jack Walker turned his back on a pro golfing career to become a geologist. As a favor to his ailing father he’ll caddy for Sophie; off hours, he’ll find caves on the Mediterranean coast, suitable for NATO listening posts for terrorist activity.
Someone is determined to stop Jack’s underground hunt and ruin Sophie’s chances to win her tournament.
On a Rome golf course and in the Amalfi coast’s haunted caves, all the odds are stacked against Sophie and Jack.  In their gamble of a lifetime, who wins?

Seven Suspense Novels Spiked with Romance

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