Monday, November 26, 2012

Have I got some recipes for you ...

I create recipe cards for each of my book. In every story, there's a special meal or a treat, so I make a recipe card for that. Rather than put them here, I'll send you to my blog so you can see them all --

One of my favorites is Dorothy's Delectable Dirt Dessert, created by Dorothy in my Oz story, Twistered.

Do you want a really excellent soup recipe for a cold winter day? Check out Threemie's recipe from Homicide, Hostages, and Hot Rod Restorations.

And some scones to go with that? How about No-Fail Scones, from Daisies, Deadly Force, and Disastrous Divorce Disputes. That one is right here (a bit blurry, but readable).


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Jannine Gallant said...

What a cool idea, JL. I'v thought about putting recipes at the ends of my books. These look really neat.