Saturday, May 26, 2012

Return to your childhood with a new twist on an old story!

Happy weekend! Happy especially for me because the Oz book is out! Twistered is finally here -- I had a lot of angst about this book because it was all ready for release then suddenly I realized: oops. Better check on the copyright status!

I had a hurried but thorough discussion with a copyright attorney and lo, and behold, I discovered that I am good to go with my book -- I based it on the novels of L. Frank Baum, not the movie(s), so I'm okay.


So here's the Oz book for anyone who wants a fast and fun beach read for the weekend. It's out in digital now on Amazon, will be in print very soon (like tomorrow, probably) and it will be on Barnes & Noble, etc. later this summer.

This is my own take on the Wizard of Oz books in which Dorothy (our heroine) has to cope with Jack Tinsley (the Tin Man), Drew Strawn (the Scarecrow) and the Wickeds motorcycle gang -- and let's not forget the Wicked Witch (Wanda W. Wickman), the Professor, and Leo, Dorothy's best friend.

They all collide on a crazy Memorial Day weekend -- a perfect time to Get Caught Reading an old childhood classic -- with a new Twist on the story ☺

Have fun!


Jannine Gallant said...

It sounds super fun, JL. Congrats and good luck with this one!

Vonnie Davis said...

What a great way to channel your creativity, to allow it to play with a classic and put a new twist to it. Sounds great.

Laura Breck said...

You're so clever, JL. Sounds like a really fun book.