Thursday, May 17, 2012

Can't Get There From Here!

I went home for Mother's Day and surprised my mother. It was wonderful. She never suspected because in the twenty-six years I've lived up here, I never have been home for Mother's Day! A quick trip down home- much needed I might add. I was without a computer for three days! Three days! A break. An adventure. Well for some of us sitting waiting at the airport is an adventure. The good news is that I got to read...a lot!

Got up at 3:30. The first flight went fine; the second not so much- a two and a half hour delay- but I got home, surprised my mother and had a wonderful weekend. Living in a rural part of Mississippi doesn't make for easy travel, but it does make for a great trip. Going home brings back a simpler time for me. I loved growing up in the country on a farm. One of my favorite things was lying back in the grass and looking up at the wide blue sky and make people and animals out of the clouds- big fluffy clouds. The exact kind of clouds I found myself flying through over Texas when I  was coming home to Boston.

Now you may ask what I was doing flying over Texas. I asked myself the same question when I got to Huntsville Airport after driving from Northeast Mississippi. It was one of those 'Can't get there from here!' moments. According to the board, my flight was on time, but in reality it was late- at least an hour if not more. There wasn't a chance I was going to make my flight from Washington, D.C. to Boston in time and it was the last flight out. Now this is why I love the South. Instead of asking me where I wanted to spend the night either Huntsville or Washington (driving back another 2 hours home wasn't an option), the lady behind the counter went on her computer. The next thing I know I'm on a flight that was leaving in 20 Dallas, Texas. The lady didn't even tell me what she had done. I was handed a ticket and told to get to the gate as soon as possible. Looking down at my tickets, I couldn't believe I was going to Dallas. Just didn't feel right. Going backwards to go forward. Can't get there from here you know! My husband laughed. But do you know - it worked! I guess sometimes you can get there from here! I got to Boston just a little behind when I should have. I know people have horror stories to tell about the airlines. I know I've lived through a couple, but this time I really appreciated the efforts both United and American Airlines made to make sure I got back to Boston even when I thought I was going to get stuck in Dallas. I could just see me trying to explain that one!

So it keeping with this spirit of adventure- I have a new release. The Promise, Part II of the Tides of Charleston Series.


Cathryn Blankenship Eversleigh suffered greatly in England. Returning home to Charles Town widowed and with child, she seeks safe haven from the heartache she left behind. She quickly finds that much has changed since her departure. Now she is caught in the midst of the rebellion against the Crown. Jake Pennington is determined to convince Cathryn to return to England. Rekindling the flames of their love, Jake promises Cathryn he will return for her. Only now the tide of war has shifted and Cathryn lives in constant danger. Can Jake keep his promise to Cathryn before it's too late?

If you missed the first part, The Judas Kiss, here it is! The third part, Another Night Falls, will be released in September!

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Jannine Gallant said...

Just trying to figure out flight links through the airlines would give most people a massive headache! I'm glad you made it home. Congrats on your new release and wishing you many sales!