Monday, May 7, 2012

Out of Touch by Barbara Edwards

Can you survive without a telephone? I’m finding out if I can. There are no cell towers within a reasonable distance of our campsite. Reception is spotty at best. By spotty I mean some people can stand on the stairs to the restrooms and get a call. I did get a call at the dining table, but it went out in about three minutes without warning.  It feels weird not have the ability to call 911, my husband when  he’s at the store or any of my kids.  

We had to drive fifteen miles to make a call to the cable company about getting television reception. Unh, uh. So sad. Reception is spotty. Why am I not surprised? They can send a technician, but he’ll call first to make sure someone is here. What part of no phone service don’t you understand?

The television antenna can be turned to pick up local channels. Reception is spotty. I haven’t been able to watch a full hour of programming without losing the signal. The signal says we can watch up to nineteen stations. In reality we can click on two. Usually about six in the evening. For about an hour before it scrambles. I really miss Jeopardy.

The radio finds several local stations. I mean I can count on one hand the number. And I’m getting tired of beach music, fifties, Golden Oldies and bluegrass.

 So what am I doing with my newly free time? I thought it would be easy to drop into writing mode. Hah. My receiver is spotty at best.   My mind is jumping from idea to idea. The best I’ve managed is an afternoon of plotting a pivotal scene.  Not so bad. I just get impatient with myself.

Maybe it’s time to enjoy the break from all the modern conveniences. I can hear you asking how I posted a blog. Well, I invested in an Iphone several months ago. It can hook to my computer to get internet, a real benefit when we’re traveling. And when we have electricity.

Did I mention the power line to camp broke and left us without power? Even the strongest battery goes dead after a few hours. The crew they sent to fix it had to get permission to dig through the dunes to repair the line. Another delay.  It did get fixed in time.

Did you notice I didn't post pictures? There's a big thunderstorm rolling in and I'm getting off the net, unplugging my computer and making a cup of tea.  Maybe I'll get inspiration from the lightning.

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Jannine Gallant said...

Oh those modern conveniences... I started a new summer day job. It's slow until Memorial Day, so I have some down time to write. Problem is, I'm in a kiosk by the lake without access to a computer. The solution - pad of paper and a pen. Who knew I could still write like that! LOL Give it a try, Barbara. Maybe the old fashioned way will inspire you!

Alison H. said...

Barbara, I don't know how I'd get along without the internet now. It's such an addiction!

Jerri Hines said...

What I used to do before the internet, I can't remember. I'm going home on Friday for the weekend. I will be 'roughing' it. My mother doesn't have internet and my siblings have dial up!!!

Margaret Tanner said...

Hi Barbara,
If you write historicals, your communication woes would't be so bad. You could pretend that you were in the wild frontier, but if you are like me - can't live without my phone and internet.


Vonnie Davis said...

I get a little twitchy if I'm away from the internet. Yes, my name is Vonnie Davis and I am an internet addict. You're a brave lady to live in the wilds like this. LOL Have a great time, Barb.