Monday, May 14, 2012

Gifts From the Garden Month

I absolutely love my backyard garden. I’ve got a peach tree, blueberry bushes, grape vines, herbs, and dozens of flowering plants. In this space, I find so much beauty, peace, and creativity. I thought I’d share a few original poems that have been inspired by my garden.


On wispy wings
you take to flight
flittering through
bright sunlight

Spring blossoms
draw you near
I’ll love you
from a distance here

Stopping for
a moment’s rest
before continuing
on your quest

Glittery trail
left behind
a touch of magic
to remind

Natural wonders
although small
are treasures
for us all.

Summer is over.

The sun feels it.

The gardens feel it.

I feel it.

It brings such bitter sadness

that perishing with the fragrant blossoms

tempts me.

The cardinal's song,

once a lively melody,

now falls like a dirge on my ears.

Summer is over.

and yet, the leaves,

once August green,

have donned an autumn costume.

Chestnut, amber, crimson, maize,

the colors, like a harvest paintbox,

wave in the crisp air.

Cinnamon and cider breathe

a second wind into me.

I shall face a season more

among the pumpkins and apples of fall,

and await a new Summer’s dawning.

the Earth whispers my name
on her caressing breezes
her hearbeat drums
in time with my own
birdsong echoes in my mind
sweet music
if only we'd all listen to her plea
she'd stay beautiful
for eternity 

I challenge you to sit outside somewhere with a notebook and a pen. Empty your mind of everything. Leave the stress, the tension, the annoyances of life inside. Keep your eyes open and on the nature around you. Let the Muse whisper in your ear on the breeze and see where you end up. I’ll guarantee you two things. One, you will write something on that page whether you meant to or not. Two, you’ll feel so in sync with nature you’ll wonder why you don’t do this every day.

How does a garden inspire you?



Vonnie Davis said...

I haven't written much poetry of late, so I really, really enjoyed yours. If I had to pick a favorite, I'd have a problem. They're all full of great imagery and emotionYour back yard sounds lovely. No wonder inspiration dwells there.

Jannine Gallant said...

Lovely poems, Chris. A walk through the woods inspirs me the way your garden inspires you. Nature in all its forms is wondrous indeed!