Saturday, July 14, 2018

The Garden by Christine DePetrillo

Nothing pleases me more than playing in the dirt on a summer's day. My backyard is a NWF-Certified Backyard Wildlife Habitat. I have plants that attract butterflies, dragonflies, and birds of all kinds. The Northern Flicker woodpecker is among my favorites.

In the garden I have the following edibles:

  • tomatoes
  • green peppers
  • basil
  • mint
  • parsley
  • lemon thyme
  • oregano
  • lavender
  • strawberries
  • peaches
  • blueberries

We also have:
  • catmint
  • roses
  • impatiens
  • grapevines (the grapes are never edible)
  • azaleas
  • rhododenrons
  • weigela
  • lilacs
  • spirea

  • butterfly bush
  • barberry
  • coltsfoot
  • dogwood
  • arborvitae
  • fern
  • hosta
Now I'd love to have a ton more stuff growing (especially stuff I can eat), but my yard is pretty small and we've made the best use of the space we have. The Werewolf also runs and accidentally ruins things sometimes so I have to be careful where I put stuff. 

I love tending to all these plants during the summer months. Love to drink in their beauty, smell their fragrances, and taste their deliciousness. Coexisting with them when they are so green and alive invigorates me like nothing else can. 

That's why I love being in The Outdoor Writing Office. I can't help but be inspired to write when surrounded by nature. 

Everything is better outside. It just is. 

Do you garden? If so, what are you growing? 



Brenda Whiteside said...

I do love to garden. When we moved from the farm to the RV Ranch, it was quite a change. But I found a little spot to call my garden. I'm learning the soil and different weather. This last spring was a bust. Only the rosemary and sage made it. I'm going to try a fall garden. Maybe I'll have more luck. I have hosta in pots but they're suffering mightily with the heat. Yeah, love playing in the dirt. It's far too hot to write outside so that's not an option for me. Come winter, it's nice out but way too many people in the park. Stopping to talk is something RVers are all about.

RE Mullins said...

Envy you the edibles. There are so many rabbits and deer out here in my little section of boonies that I've given up on planting veggies. I content myself with flowers around the house and even those are at risk. I found a very determined bunny right up on the deck eating my Gerber Daisies. I was told to sprinkle red pepper on the blossoms but that only provided him with a new taste treat.

Rolynn Anderson said...

Christine, I looked up the Northern Flicker. Pretty bird...don't see those here in CA. You are challenged by space and I am challenged by drought conditions...but I do love gardening like you do. Right now, I'm picking out plants you probably never heard of (I hadn't, living up in WA state), like Euphorbia-2000 species! and Kniphofia (my favorite is Red Hot Poker). Thanks for your list of made me miss the Pacific Northwest. Plant on!

Jannine Gallant said...

Everything IS better outdoors. In the woods. My yard looks like the woods with all the thimbleberries. Very low maintenance. No garden. Yours sounds lovely!

Vonnie Davis said...

Every time I try to garden edibles, the deer eat my plants. Wow, I didn't know you could eat heather. Your place sounds lovely.

Leah St. James said...

Everything is better outdoors, depending on the temperature. LOL! A hazy/hot/humid Central Jersey (or Central Virginia!) summer day can slather you with a layer of sweat within 30 seconds of stepping outside. I'm sure it's worse in more southern states. So as long as it's moderate humidity, and no more than low 80s (for me!), I agree! when I lived in Jersey, I had a big vegetable garden (corn, lettuce, tomatoes of course, watermelon, zucchini). (Note to Margo: It was the magic soil of the Garden State that helped me along, but still nothing potted lived!) Here in Virginia, I'm having no luck other than some perennials in my front flower bed!

Alison Henderson said...

Your garden looks and sounds fabulous, Chris. Because of the deer, I don't even try for edibles here, but I do grow all kinds of wonderful things I couldn't grow in Minnesota, many I'd never seen or heard of before. Imagine my delight when northern flickers showed up here! We must be far enough up the coast from Rolynn to be in their occasional flyway.

Diane Burton said...

Lovely garden. I'm amazed at all your plants in a small space. Do you freeze or dry the herbs? Hubs does the gardening now. He put in tomatoes, cukes, green beans, onions. No herbs, though he would if I asked. I had a butterfly bush at our old house. I should get another one.