Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The scream you hear....

My computer crashed.
So those of you with an infallible system for saving your work are snickering behind your hand and those without are sinking in my boat.
Let Barbara  tell you my sad tale.
I do back-up my work. I have a external hard drive- too bad its home on my writing desk. I do use flashdrives to save my work on Friday. Soooo?
I do have a good protection program for my computer since I'm on the internet daily.
So how did a virus jump in and send an error message cascading down my screen?
I don't download attachments unless I know the sender, and then the onboard program scans it.
The technician grinned at me when I asked. It's possible. Too bad. Save your stuff daily.
So my story goes like this.
I've been planning to get a new machine. The problem is that I hate change, don't like relearning a new program, don't like shopping---the list goes on. I admit I'm an old fuddy-duddy.
I actually went on-line to shop around. I looked at an apple and looked again, but I don't like to buy anything from on-line. So where is the nearest store?
Remember I'm traveling in my RV? The nearest store is sixty something miles from here. I'd need to order one with the changes I want, then go have my files transfered for an additional fee, then travel back and forth to take the classes. Hmmm. Much as I want one, that doesn't work for me.
Next I went to find a Best Buy-- also fifty something miles from here. The nearest store with computers for sale is an Office Max-- nice people but their stock is low since they had a big sale last week and are down to crumbs.
I'm staring at the body of my dead computer. It's on  its back the little legs waving in the air.
What next? I stopped at Starbucks for a reviving coffee and there is a Radio Shack next to it.
They are having a sale! Yowza. Only the only ones left are the demos. And my dear husband won't buy a demo for anything.
The salesperson goes scrounging through the backroom for a computer. She triumphantly brings out a box. 'Here,' she cries. 'Here is a new computer in the box. Only its not the ones one sale.'
My heart dropped. She points at the price.
"What? One hundred dollars less than the ones on sale? What's wrong with it?"
Nothing. That was the offer at the sale last month. It is brand-spanking new.
My fingers burned when I grabbed it so fast.
Six hours later the tech had saved my files to the new machine.
I cried happy tears since my pages were restored.
The moral? I'm saving to a flashdrive daily.
I'm learning Windows 7 and the new Word.
Am I happy? Yep.
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Jerri Hines said...

A couple of years ago, my computer got a viruse on it. The tech said it would take week to clear it. I will admit it kinda put me in a bad mood. I loved my old computer. I knew it so well. Guess no one wanted to deal with me for a week. My husband and son went out without saying a word and bought me a new computer! Now I too am learning the new Word. I had the 2003 word and thought it was just fine until I had issues with a format for one of my Indies. I hate learning how to do things differently! Takes too long, but I'm working on it. Have to keep up, I guess. Hope you enjoy your new computer!

Barbara Edwards said...

I loved my old computer. It had a pink case before colors were popular. Sigh. I'm learning the new programs slowly, but as long as I can write daily I'm happy.
Thanks for sharing.

Jannine Gallant said...

I still have windows XP and 2003 Word. Yep, I'm a dinosaur. We had the computer crash a few years back. I don't know what happened, but it erased everything and looked like it had just come out of the box. I lost a lot of photos of the kids I hadn't backed up and several chapters of a WIP. I thought I had lost the entire manuscript of Victim of Desire because I was having issues saving it to a disk back then. I was freaking out for two days, just losing it, when I remembered I had emailed it to an agent. I was able to recover it from my sent file, which I hadn't deleted. Now I back up daily to an external hard drive. Glad you got the computer you wanted, Barbara!

Brenda Whiteside said...

Ugh. Hate computer problems. Love my computer. I have the protection, I do the saving, but I live in fear. I've heard the body needs some fear since we aren't chased by mountain lions and bears anymore.

Barbara Edwards said...

Hi Janninne,
But I didn't. I wanted my pink one back.

Barbara Edwards said...

Hi Brenda,
I can hear that adrenaline pumping from way over here. lol

Laura Breck said...

Glad you found a computer, Barbara. You'll love the new operating system!

glenys said...

Oh, Barbara, I feel your pain!@ As Brenda said, I have all sorts of protection but I still live in fear that one day my poor puter will implode....I do think you handled the whole thing well, though :-)

Vonnie Davis said...

I am practically attached to my computer. I'd hate to lose my green laptop, so I can imagine how you felt about your pink one. Good luck with the learning curve.

Barbara Edwards said...

Thanks, Laura. I hope so.

Barbara Edwards said...

Hi Glenys,
I didn't, I just muffled the screams so my neighbors didn't complain. lol

Barbara Edwards said...

Hi Vonnie,
I think I can like my new color- silver. it needs some bling, thought, maybe a few sequins or glitter. lol