Wednesday, March 14, 2012


My most recent book, ABRA CADAVER, has a Celtic flavor. The hero, Keane Malson, is a cursed Celtic warrior who spends his days bringing people back from the dead, killing demons to keep his saves alive, and staying with his saves until they do something important for the world. His life is boring, tedious, and stuck. He would much rather have died an honorable death on the battlefield surrounded by his men, but his brother sought the help of a witch to bring him back to life. As with all magic, you must be prepared to give back after you take. There must always be a balance. And so, poor Keane gets cursed with the abra cadaver and now faces an eternity of saving, killing, and waiting.

Until he meets schoolteacher Holly Brimmer.

When I was writing ABRA CADAVER, I listened to a great deal of Celtic, Scottish, and medieval music. I thought I would share some of my favorites with you so you could enjoy them as well. I find that music really inspires me. It allows me to drown out the day-to-day distractions that would otherwise keep me from writing. When the headphones are on, that means the author is at work!

Click on anyone of the band titles to be taken to their websites to listen to their work.

  1. Medieval Baebes – Classy, beautifully, and just a little Wiccan.

  1. Albannach – Scottish music goes punk, and they wear kilts!

  1. Rune – A band local to my area

These are just a few, but enough to give you a good sampling. My suggestion: Type these into and find more bands that sound similar. You’ll be entertained for hours and maybe want to write a little something yourself.


Read Holly and Keane’s tale by purchasing ABRA CADAVER at the following locations:



Jannine Gallant said...

I really liked the Medieval Baebes. And since the heroine in my WIP is currently sitting in jail, accused of being a witch, a little Wiccan flavor seem appropriate! Thanks, Chris!

Jerri Hines said...

I love to write with music too. The music depends on the story. I'll have to listen to Medieval Baebes. Sounds interesting.

Vonnie Davis said...

Thanks for sharing!! Loved them all. And I enjoyed the premise of your book. Sounds like a great read.