Thursday, March 22, 2012

My March Maddness

Hi all! How about that MU upset?

Er... yes, let's just pretend I didn't say that. I know nothing about basketball. In fact, my boys are forbidden to entertain the idea of the sport because I hate the squeaky shoes. However, with everyone around me riled over that particular issue, I couldn't resist.

Guess what today is?

International Goof Off Day and As Young As You Feel Day. What an awesome day to blog. I don't have to think! Mwahaha!

In fact, I can go romp in the mud and be perfectly justified when I hand the demidemons my soaked clothes and say, "Your turn to wash." They might look at me like I'd lost all my marbles, but... the calendar says I can.

So anyway -- Recall I was bemoaning the Christmas tree still being up. Well, I did get it taken down, and the stockings. I still have two Santas sitting out but that's because I keep forgetting to buy the new storage containers when I make a trek to Wal-Mart. Last year the mice had a bit of fun with them, so they will sit on my table until I remember a plastic tub is a necessity.

I do intend to make use of Goof Off Day. Coffee with my writing cohort tomorrow, dinner out, and a movie maybe. I've been ticking through deadlines and buried so far into my computer it wouldn't surprise me if there's a thumb drive sticking out my ear or something. I intend to reward myself tomorrow... particularly now that I have an excuse.

What about all of you? The Powers That Be say you have the right to set everything aside and do whatever the heck you want today. How do you intend to spend it?

As far as the Only As Old As You Feel part -- this one I'm actually going to object to. This month, I think I'll stick with calendar years!

And while I'm rambling, let's talk spring a minute. It's here FINALLY! (Did I mention mud?) Are you all in your yards planting flowers, gardens, and cultivating beds? I made a grand attempt at that two days ago, and I have a mountain of yardwork awaiting the dry spell that's supposed to come this weekend. I cleaned out half a fence line that I've let go for way too long. I discovered the ivy that I thought was "oh so pretty" ten years ago is really "oh so destructive", and I spent two hours plucking vines off my root cellar.

It's storm time again in my neck of the woods, and I'm one of those people who both fears and loves a good storm. I can even sit back and enjoy a severe storm, as long as the threat of tornadoes isn't high. (Primarily because the basement has spiders and the idea of going down there... shudder.)

I've found that one of the best times to write is when it's dark and the silence is interrupted by the rumble of thunder.

Do you read or write when it's storming? Does that intensify the words somehow for you?

Well, it's time for coffee with that writing cohort. I'll check back in, but I'm really interested in hearing how you all intend to goof off today.



Jannine Gallant said...

Goofing off sounds good - really good! But my youngest turns 13 today and wants an icecream cake. No, we don't have a Baskin-Robbins, so I'll be making it from scratch. I'll have to goof off tomorrow!

Claire Ashgrove said...

You can do that stuff from scratch?

Can I move in?