Saturday, January 7, 2012

I can't see over the mess!

All those resolutions to organize for the New Year are scary as heck. There’s a reason my life is a mess. This is nothing new. I’m not organized like all the other bloggers I’ve been reading.

I'm thinking about organizing
You can organize your office so you can lay your hand on any file in seconds. Big deal. I can’t, but if there’s one file I’m working with its right on top of the pile on my desk. Where I can find it in seconds.

How about organizing my kitchen? Like that’s going to happen any time soon. Have you seen my cabinets? My husband lives here with me and his storage method is totally different than mine. So who wins? I don’t know where he puts anything, but I can ask him.

I gave up on my clothes closet and bureau drawers. The things I like and wear regularly are on top or in the front. Not color coded or by season or by items. So it takes me a few minutes to find my sweater on an unseasonably cold day. So?

What’s the reason why my life is a mess? I’m focused on one thing. I keep my writing in a neat, organized corner where the world doesn’t intrude. All that other stuff isn’t important. My main focus, my obsession is so squeaky neat it can scare people who think I’m a ditz.

This is my traveling office
So keep all your ideas, suggestions, lists, methods, systems in your organized life.

Do you think I should change?

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Jerri Hines said...

Sounds like we're a lot alike. I know where the important things are...I think. Enjoyed your post!

Barbara Edwards said...

Hi Jerri,
I think we're all secretly messy. I forgot to mention my medicine cabinet. yew.

Jannine Gallant said...

I'm kind of like you. I want to be organized, but I'd rather write than actually take the time to do it. I'm a neat person by nature, so the areas that only I go into are organized. My clothes are color coded! LOL It's the work involved in organizing the rest of my family that I don't have time for!

Barbara Edwards said...

Hi Jannine,
I've tried for years to be neat. Its easier to be me and concentrate on writing.

Vonnie Davis said...
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Vonnie Davis said...

At last, the voice of creative wisdom. Although I did clean and organize one of my linen closets today. I'd been planning that hour-long job for months...

Great post. Love your traveling office.

Barbara Edwards said...

Thanks Vonnie. The view is better than TV.

glenys said...

Barbara - don't change! Keep that focus on your writing, which makes people happy, and to heck with the housework! After all, those dust bunnies will wait - but good writing and creative ideas won't. And in the end, do we want to be remembered for the books we leave behind, or that shiny kitchen sink? :-)

Barbara Edwards said...

Hi Glenys,
I already plan for my tombstone to be shaped like a book. lol