Thursday, April 26, 2018

Does talking about writing count as #amwriting?

I'm a Master Gardener and have often given talks about poison plants, many of which you have in your garden (hydrangeas; lily of the valley; daffodils...and the list goes on).

I spoke at a library recently about plants, but they really wanted to talk about writing. So I gave my slide show on poison plants (see the list on my web site, if you're curious) then we chatted about writing for an hour or more.

The attendees wanted to know the usual: how do I fit writing in my life (I work full-time, I volunteer, I have a social life); what's my process; where do I find my plots -- you know, the usual. Along the way, I mentioned that I enjoy writing but the day this becomes a job, that's the day I walk away. I have 30 books out and I've got nothing to prove to anybody--I'll take my success and move on to the next thing in life.

I "gave away" a few books (that's in quotes because everyone gave me money and I probably made more than if I'd sold them). Everyone seemed intrigued by my energy, but I pointed out that if you're doing something you enjoy doing, then you make time and energy for it. That seemed to resonate with quite a few folks, and one woman said she admired my philosophy of life.

Philosophy of life? I guess I never thought of it that way, but maybe it is. I pretty much do whatever I want (within reason: I didn't slug that guy who annoyed me in the store) and I don't worry over much about what others think of me. I try to enjoy whatever I'm doing and if I don't, I get it over with as fast as possible. Is that a philosophy of life? Hmm. Maybe.

If it is, then I'm living the dream and you know, maybe I am. Sure, things could improve. This pesky hip could get a bit stronger, I could sell a bunch more books, I wouldn't have looming deadlines in the Day Job that are giving me fits. But hey: I'm doing what I want to do, so I've got nobody to blame but myself.

It's all good.



Margo Hoornstra said...

It sure is all good, JL. Doing the things that make you happy, regardless of what others think. Living the dream....

Diane Burton said...

What an uplifting post. Doing what you love is truly the dream job. I feel that way about writing, too. More importantly, I can choose to spend time with my grandchildren while my WIP waits. As you say, it's all good.

Brenda Whiteside said...

I admire your outlook. I'm not quite so relaxed about it. Wish I could be. I'm trying. I've set myself the goal of not setting the goals that disturb me when I don't reach my goals. ;)

Jannine Gallant said...

You do have a great attitude, JL. I love your positive outlook. I try not to whine on line (too much) or to at least find some positive aspect in a situation. I can usually always find a bright side to writing, even when I'm in the sagging middle. Promo is another story... Keep on enjoying what you do!

Rolynn Anderson said...

You and Vonnie are our ROP Energizer Bunnies, with glorious imaginations and amazing output. That you both love writing in the creme de la creme. Thanks for reflecting on where you are in the game...and helping us find our own places of comfort as well!

Leah St. James said...

I love your philosophy on life, too, JL. If you could bottle it, I'd buy it! :-)