Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Romantic Suspense New Release & Discussion Group by Jo Grafford

Please welcome our guest today, Jo Grafford.

I will admit I’m a Castle-House-Bones-NCIS junkie. I love seeing detectives grapple with complex cases, villains get what they deserve, and victims receive their long overdue moments of justice. 

I particularly love it when the cases aren’t black and white – kind of like real life. When the lines are blurred. When good people sometimes do the right things for the wrong reasons or the wrong things for the right reasons. 

Then again, sometimes I like watching a spine-tingling show or reading one of those books that keep you awake at night with an honest-to-gosh truly dark soul for an antagonist. Criminals who do the unthinkable without a drop of human compassion. Men and women who have crossed so far over the line that there is no coming back. 

In my most recent release DESIGNED FOR YOU, my readers get a taste of the whole range of villainy—from the redeemable to the unredeemable to the I’m-not-yet-sure-they’re-redeemable characters who will carry into books two and three later this year. More deets about the book after this quick news flash and personal invitation: 

While you’re waiting for the next book in your favorite series to release, we invite you to join our all-new and completely awesome group designed exclusively for romantic suspense readers. With nearly 150 readers already, it’s a no-spam, 100% discussion group about anything and everything romantic suspense. Join us here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/RomanticSuspenseReaders/. 

Hope to see you there! —Jo

Designed for You

Jillian Lang’s interior design company soars to a new level of success after hiring the world’s sexiest, most gorgeous office manager. Holland Sparks makes everything spike — her sales, her heartbeat, her temperature… 

When a pesky stalker suddenly moves his game from the cyber world to the real world, Holland becomes the one person she trusts implicitly. An anchor in the midst of her chaos. A man whose ruthless business instincts turn to devastating tenderness after hours. 

Until his own secrets start to unfold, leaving Jillian to wonder if her beautiful business partner is actually the one spinning the deadly web that’s fast closing around her. 

Here’s what the 5-star reviews are saying:

• “Heart-pounding suspense mixed with fun, quirky characters, lit by steamy scenes, and riddled with so many twists that you’ll be guessing until the last page.”

• “One heck of a roller coaster ride”

• “Gutsy heroine, alpha men, heart-pumping drama”

• “Highly entertaining. Not a dull moment. Didn’t want to put this book down.”

• “5+++ stars!” 


AMAZON KINDLE US – http://amzn.com/B01AU8SEAO
AMAZON KINDLE CA –  http://www.amazon.ca/dp/B01AU8SEAO

Short Excerpt:

I know who you are.

Jillian Lang's insides froze as she read the email with its dreaded XX signature. She was tempted to run to the front door of Lang Interiors to make sure she'd locked it after closing time.

"Of course you know who I am!" She threw her arms up at the computer screen. "Any moron with Internet access can find my company website." And exact street address. Her hands shook as she returned them to the keyboard.

More than likely, it was just some junior high prankster. Still, it unnerved her to receive the cryptic email message day after day. Who was sending it and why?

She shook her head at the screen. Should she report her stalker to the police? Would they even care? They had bigger fish to fry investigating the daily burglaries and muggings that plagued the city. Probably earn her little more than a good chuckle from them if she complained about someone who simply claimed to know her identity. The emails were creepy and obnoxious but hardly criminal.

She punched a few keys and carefully filed the email, hating how powerless she was to do anything about it.

She preferred being in control. Climbing her own mountains. Putting out her own fires. Unfortunately, that was all about to change.

I write romance across the genres. The stakes are always high, and the heroes are willing to risk it all for the brilliant, sassy women they love.
Originally from St. Louis, I’ve served as a corporate trainer, a junior college finance instructor, and a high school business teacher. Along the way, I discovered the only thing I enjoy as much as teaching is writing. Especially writing romance! A typical day finds me on my laptop, a fizzy beverage within reach, and a cat sprawled across my lap (hoping for his first book dedication or at least an honorable mention).
I love alpha males, strong-minded woman, humorous sidekicks, diversity, Vikings, dashing lords, vampires, zombies, cyborgs…you get the idea.

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Margo Hoornstra said...

Welcome, Jo. Oh, the villains we love to hate! Creepy (in a good way) excerpt. May you have many, many sales!

Jannine Gallant said...

I love those types of shows, too, Jo. My new favorite is Blindspot because even the good guys have a dark side. I write suspense as well, so I'll definitely check out your group!

Jo Grafford said...

Thank you, Margo!

Jo Grafford said...

Love Blindspot too, Jannine. :) Hope to see you in our RS discussion group soon!

Andrea Downing said...

Your initial description of a case that's not black and white, where the lines are blurred, is an excellent fit for the book I'm currently reading, The Pact by Jodi Piccoult. Good luck with both your new book and the group--I don't write suspense, I'm afraid.

Alicia Dean said...

So glad you're visiting us today, Jo. I love, love, love suspense. And yes, when it's not so black and white, it's even better. More depth, more intrigue and surprises. I'll check out your group. Enjoyed your excerpt...best of luck!

Rolynn Anderson said...

Thanks for the invite to the suspense FB site. I write Suspense, so I'll check it out. Lately, I've been toying with villains who manipulate people but try not to hurt them. Seems to me that smart villains will refrain from killing folk. We'll see how this next book works on my Beta group. Great premise on your book, Jo. Thanks for joining us today!

Rolynn Anderson said...

Jo, just so you know, your URL for the FB site isn't working for me. Thanks. Rolynn

Leah St. James said...

So sorry I'm late, Jo! I'm with you...I love the detective/suspense type shows and books! "Designed For You" sounds right up my alley! Going to check it out.

Jo Grafford said...

Thank you, Andrea!

Jo Grafford said...

It's always fun to meet others who share my love for suspense, Alicia! Hope to see you in our discussion group soon. :)

Jo Grafford said...

We'd love to have you join our group, Rolynn. Sorry about the link not working. Try this one: https://www.facebook.com/groups/RomanticSuspenseReaders/. If you still have issues, please DM me and I'll get you in. :)

Jo Grafford said...

Thank you, Leah! I'd love to hear what you think of this first in a series. Working on book two right now. :)

Diane Burton said...

I love those same shows. I like clear-but resolutions, even though real life doesn't have them. Best wishes on your new release.

Jo Grafford said...

Thank you, Diane!