Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Politics make me laugh by Barbara Edwards

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve been interested in politics my entire life, but today I heaved a sigh of relief. 
The last primaries are today and I thought how wonderful it would be to turn on the television and watch a show. Then I realized the political coverage will be overwhelming over the next few months. I laughed so hard my sides hurt when I heard one announcer claim this election is going to be offensive and full of attack ads.
The news media is so weird. 
I did research for my historical: Another Love. and found politics have always been vicious. President Cleveland was the object of terrible accusations. If you study history these candidates are mild. 
Madison and Jefferson were vitriolic. The only thing they didn’t accuse each other of was murder. The newspapers were full of hateful and nasty comments. Laws about slander didn’t exist.
It seems with the advent of radio then television the speech is muzzled. 
Curse words and wild talk are controlled by ‘rules’, but the exchange of insults has already begun.
If you’re really interested you can research any of the previous elections for laughs.
As for me, I thinks I’m turning off my television.

Another Love
Some promises are made to be broken.
Caught in a web of political intrigue, graft and threats to a beloved child, Meg Warren and Drew Larkin hunt the men threatening the downfall of President Cleveland and the economic fabric of America. From a poor farm to the ostentatious world of New York’s elite, they sift lies, discover trust and an attraction they cannot resist. The last thing they expect to find is a love worth more than gold.

North of New York City
"Ma, Ma," a high-pitched voice yelled. "He looks dead."
Andrew Larkin cursed as agony knifed up his thigh and threatened to split his skull, but he struggled onto his elbows. He squinted as an assortment of human shapes floated and danced before his blurred vision. Bright New England sunlight shattered into a rainbow of colors around a skinny young girl in a dark brown frock and wrinkled white pinafore. Her grimy fingers dug in the furry neck of the huge mongrel panting into Drew’s face. He inhaled the acrid odor of fresh manure from the nearby fields.
"I’m. Not. Dead." He said as a slender coverall-clad figure crouched in the road next to him. Urgency set his nerves to thrumming. President Cleveland couldn’t wait. He had to get moving. "Why don’t you help me back onto my horse, son? If your Ma gets here, I’ll let her take a look."
"I am Ma," she snapped impatiently as she jerked free the battered straw hat shading her face and settled back onto her bare heels. Shockingly thick auburn hair, fastened with a leather thong, tumbled down her back. Her face clearly showed her resentment at the way his gaze moved over the way her baggy overalls snugged her flared hips, clearly outlining her shapely derriere. A flush burned red flags on her cheeks. "Your leg is bleeding, mister, and…"
To his amazement, her fingers brushed like butterfly wings over his face and through his tumbled hair. He flinched when she probed a tender spot behind his ear.
"You took quite a wallop on the head. Hold still."
She wiped her perspiring brow with a sun-browned forearm, then pulled a worn jackknife from her hip pocket, flipped the blade open and calmly proceeded to cut away his bloodstained pant leg. The little girl whimpered.
"Don’t be afraid, Martha. He’ll be fine," Her cultured voice flowed over him like warm honey, soothing as a mother’s lullaby.
The child frowned, but her whimpers ceased.

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Margo Hoornstra said...

What a great excerpt. I do need to read this one. You are so right about politics. Definitely not the best of the best. I think news hounds just enjoy hearing themselves talk. Sadly it is good for laughs.

Leah St. James said...

I agree, fantastic excerpt! Just in those few short sentences you've described the characters with such intrigue and made me want to know more. Nice. I also agree politics in general are laughable...or "cryable."

Jannine Gallant said...

Aristotle said politics is a noble profession. Was he out of his mind? I guess he hadn't seen our current candidates... Sigh. I'm off to vote.

Rolynn Anderson said...

Great excerpt, Barbara. On politics? Perhaps it's a good idea to compare this chaos to pro wrestling where everything is staged, including the hate fests before the matches. If a candidate really believes what he is saying is true (and you know who I'm talking about), then we've got a budding sociopath running for the highest office.

Diane Burton said...

Love Rolynn's comparison to pro wrestling. Barb, you are entirely right about politics of the past. They went after wives, too! Great excerpt.

Barbara Edwards said...

Hi Margo,
Hope you do read Another Love. I'm planning a sequel.

Barbara Edwards said...

Hi Leah,
Your compliment warmed my heart, thanks.

Barbara Edwards said...

Wasn't Aristotle around when those senators were killing each other.

Barbara Edwards said...

Hi Roslynn,
I think in many ways pro wrestling is cleaner.

Barbara Edwards said...

Hi Diane,
Things have certainly changed, but not for the better. The trolls on twitter are positively scary.

Rolynn Anderson said...

Barb, you made me laugh out loud, saying that pro wrestling is cleaner. Great point!

Brenda Whiteside said...

It's always been a nasty business. I think reading your book would be a better way to spend my time!

Alicia Dean said...

Ha, so true about politics, although sometimes I get so frustrated it's hard to laugh. ;) Your book sounds fantastic!

Ashantay said...

Thanks for reminding us to laugh! Best wishes on your latest book - I hope you have a vest seller!