Saturday, July 16, 2016

My Two Year Countdown by Donna Michaels

Hi, it's Donna Michaels, and the next two years will mark a few milestones in my life, and I’m not talking about my writing life. Yeah, that's crazy busy, but I’m talking about in my personal life. 

Next year, my husband is retiring from the military. He’ll have over 30 years in on the part time side of the National Guard, and 20 years in on the full time side. It has been an amazing, and sometimes trying, journey for him and our family, but it has shaped us all into who we are today. And I have to say I’m very proud of him and our family. But, just because he’ll be retired does not mean he’ll stop working. No way. Michael is a doer, so he’ll find another job, plus become my assistant, which I so desperately need. I just hope I can survive another year without one!! 

Next year will also be special because my super senior son will actually graduate with a college degree! After six years, and many changed majors, Zach has finally found the right one, Asian Studies, and I’m very happy for him. It’s tough when you aren’t born knowing what you want to do. He’s also not the only one of my children to change majors. He’s just the one in college the longest. J

The milestones continue the following year. My daughter, (my baby) will graduate from her college with a degree in Acting/Directing and a minor in Writing. Once she is done and on her own, (hopefully working at her dream job in Disney), my husband and I will be free to start the next chapter in our lives.

We’re moving out on our kids.

Yep. You read that correctly. In two years, my husband and I are moving away from home. lol 

You see, not only are all my grown children still living at home, (including my oldest son and his wife), but my parents are here, too. None of them are coming with us (that I know of). My parents say stop worrying about everyone and go live our lives. But it's not easy. The mom in me feels like I’m abandoning my kids even though they’re all adults, so I need to make sure everyone is settled into their own lives before I leave. They are well aware of our plans, have two years to prepare, and are excited to start making plans of their own.

I just know there are going to be a few story lines sparked by this adventure, and I so look forward to writing them. Heck, at times, my life is an adventure…authored, I swear, by Lucy and Ethel.

Speaking of story lines, I have a new release out with a heroine who has been through quite a bit in her life, and she’s only twenty-six. Here’s what a few readers had to say about HER INDULGENT COWBOY:

Her Indulgent Cowboy, is the seventh book in the Harland County Series, and just like the others it was fantastic! Going to Harland County, even in the pages of a book is like going home, after a long trip. Donna Michaels has made this place and the people that live there so real, that I can actually picture it in my mind, and the characters are all so down to earth that you cannot help but fall in love with each and every one of them, flaws and all.” ~Debbie Collins

“Her Indulgent Cowboy by Donna Michaels is another fine example of Ms Michaels' story telling abilities. I was hooked by the first paragraph. This well written book is fast paced and loaded with fantastic characters. Lacey and Jesse's story is packed with humor, drama and sexy bits.” ~Deb D

“Donna Michaels has done a great job with capturing the reader. There is such emotion in this story, you have laughter, love and tears. I do not cry often when I read books but this story really gets to your heart and you can't help but feel for these characters.” ~SKeenan

 I hope you all enjoy the rest of your July!

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Rolynn Anderson said...

Donna, I was an Army brat, as you know, with 20+ home moves; Germany, Japan and Korea our overseas stations. Five kids in the family. So, I look upon your next move as an adventure. When my husband and I retired, we moved three states away to the rarefied life on California's Central Coast. Best thing we ever did. So I'm happy for you...can't wait to hear of your adventures, and look forward to chatting about them with you at InD'Tale :-)

Brenda Whiteside said...

My first thought is how do you write with so many people in the house. We shared a home with my son's family for four years. I get so distracted by what's happening in my family's lives that it took a great deal of self discipline to do my own thing. I love adventures and change so good luck to you. Sounds exciting.

Margo Hoornstra said...

First off, thanks to your husband for his service. Our kids too are all grown and on their own too. Though we have had some multi-generational living arrangements in the past, none of them have been under our roof for some time now. Hence, I'm getting the bug to sell and downsize. Maybe move in to our new fifth wheel for a while. Whatever any of us do, the key word is adventure. And if new book ideas come from them, so be it!

Vonnie Davis said...

How exciting for you and your husband. You didn't say where you were thinking of moving to. If I could move anywhere, it would be Paris but living there is so expensive. I'd need to sell a gazillion books every month to afford it. I don't see that happening. Besides, it's hard to be so far away. At present, my daughter is 12 hours away and my 2 sons are 6 and 8 hours away. Calvin's son is in Berlin, Germany. Good luck with all your changes and future plans. I see more storylines in your future.

Leah St. James said...

Lots of big and exciting adventures heading your way, Donna! Thank you to you and your husband (and family) for his years of service. And congratulations for coming up with plans to live your own lives when he retires. My hubby and I moved away from home too. It turned out, coincidentally, to be the same area where my younger son went to college. We now bicker over who followed whom here! Wishing you best of luck with your changes, and looking forward to reading the stories that grow from them. :-)

Jannine Gallant said...

Sounds like it's time to boot everyone out of the nest! My youngest is a senior in high school. My oldest will be a sophomore in college in the fall and is currently home for the summer. I see a quiet house for us in a couple of years.

Jennifer Wilck said...

Good luck with everything!

Barbara Edwards said...

As someone whose plans have been shattered by life-changes, I hope yours all go well. Your new release sounds like a winner. I put it on my 'to read' list.

Donna Michaels said...

Rolynn~Wow! That's a lot of moves! I've done 10 so far. Looking forward to catching up with you at InD'scribe!!
Brenda~Writing is tricky at times. I shut myself in my room and turn on a floor fan or the air conditioner, depending on the season.
Margo~Thank you. And I know Michael and I will be downsizing with this move. I'm looking forward to the adventure part, not the work involved. lol
Vonnie~We are looking at Nevada. Yes, that is many states away. I'd prefer south and still on the east coast, but Michael can't stand humidity, so west it is. We're tired of the winters here. I just hate being so far from my children.
Leah~Thank you! I'll be curious to see where we actually end up. We all know how plans tend to change. That'll be an adventure in itself!
Jannine~That's how we expected things to go, but life has it's own agenda, and I admit, I'm okay with my family being here while they save and plan their future. It's nice having them close, just not when I need to write. Which seems to be all the time, now. :-)Two of my sons will probably be out by the end of this year, so that, combined with my other two children away at college, will make for a quieter spring. Then the college kids come home again...
Jennifer~Thanks! I may need it. Just want to make the right decision.
Barbara~Thanks, me, too! A lot can happen in two years, so who knows what plans I'll have at that time.

Diane Burton said...

Thanks for your service, both you & your husband's. Lots of plans for an exciting future. We moved away from our kids, too. That was heart-wrenching. They were at the end of college and didn't want to move to Chicago. They stayed in Michigan instead. Hardest move I'd ever had to make. They survived and so did we. Good luck with your plans.

Alicia Dean said...

Oh my, very exciting milestones! So happy for you. Ha, you definitely have a full house. I'd say you deserve to start your new and less populated life. ;) Your book sounds awesome.