Saturday, November 26, 2011

Holiday Happy

(I'm on the road again, so this post is scheduled for my day. Apologies if I don't reply to comments).

Keeping up with the theme of thankful, I'm thankful someone else cooked for Thanksgiving. Since we moved, we've been doing a lot of entertaining -- our new house is just made for parties, and we've had many. And I enjoy cooking and entertaining my friends. It's fun.

But it's also fun to be entertained sometimes, and this holiday, we're on the road to Kansas City, to spend time with my sister. She and I mapped out the menu the last time she visited me so it was like entertaining without the heavy lifting, so to speak. I'll pitch in and help, of course, but there's nothing like visiting someone, sleeping in their bed, eating their food, then hopping on the road to come home. I love visiting and I love coming home.

So here's to Over the River and Through the Woods and to safe returns home!


Jannine Gallant said...

Have a safe trip home, JL!

Vonnie Davis said...

We traveled, too. We're at my "baby boy's" house in Maryland. My baby is a natural body builder and a football and wrestling coach. He and his wife cooked a feast and have basically spoiled us. I haven't been allowed to do a thing. So, JL, your post hit me head on. Visiting family is nice. It's a time when special memories are made.